1. Toddler room with race cars

    Toddler room with race cars

    Studio Ditte at my home #12 Sion has a boy's room in Nordic / Scandinavian style. The room has dark and warm tones, combined with light wood. The race car wallpaper from Studio Ditte really comes into its own. WHO Samantha, 25 years old, married to Andreas. Kids Noël (4), Zion (almost 2) and pregnant with baby 3. WHERE Rotterdam WORK Own business; Manowoods. In addition, a lot at home with the kids. INSTAGRAM @_thefourufus
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  2. Playful light nursery

    Playful light nursery

    Studio Ditte at my home #11 Mats has a light, playful room with vintage elements. His mother Irene likes to shop at thrift stores. The airplanes wallpaper of Studio Ditte is Mats’ favorite. He often counts the planes and names which airplane he likes most. WHO Irene (32) married with Maarten (32), 2 beautiful sons; Mats (4) and Ted (2)WHERE We live in Rijssen, TwenteHOUSE Beatiful, self-built semi detached house in 30’s-style INSTAGRAM @me_myboys_and_irene
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  3. Make-over nursery

    Make-over nursery

    Studio Ditte at my home #10 Jace's children's room was given a make-over. Jace is a huge car fan and therefore he got the race car wallpaper of Studio Ditte in his room. Nice to combine with his favorite color blue. Some light wooden furniture and new accessories complete his cool boys' room. WHO Inge van Cleef (33) and Jace (4)WHERE OchtenINSTAGRAM @stijlinge Cool Scandinavian
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  4. Baby room of Novi

    Baby room of Novi

    Studio Ditte at my home #09 Novi’s baby room is light with natural wood furniture and is really girly with pink details. On a part of a white wall, you can find Studio Ditte’s forest animals wallpaper. Novi always stares at the wallpaper with a smile. WHO Virginia and partner MaxKIDS Liam (4) and Novi (0)INSTAGRAM @liaminpixels Lovely playground
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  5. Boysroom of Julian (4)

    Boysroom of Julian (4)

    Studio Ditte at my home #08 The children's room of the 4-year-old Julian is slightly cool and scandinavian. A bright room with sturdy furniture and natural colors and materials. Julian and his mother Hester share the love for old cars. On the wall Julian has race car wallpaper from Studio Ditte. Kidsroom wallpaper with old Formula 1 racing cars. WHO Erik (30, self-employed), Hester (28, assistant deputy head in a child center), Julian (4) and Naud (1,5) HOUSE Semi-detached house from the 50s WHERE A small village in FrieslandLIVING STYLE 'Scandinavian' INSTAGRAM
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  6. Cool Scandinavian nursery

    Cool Scandinavian nursery

    Studio Ditte at my home #07 Check out the cool toddler room of Jace. Jace is just 4 years old and has a children's room in a cool Scandinavian style. A room with gray paneling, lots of light wood, monochrome and ocher yellow accessories and a cars duvet cover from Studio Ditte. WHO Inge van Cleef (33) and Jace (4)WORK I work in a showroom of a web shop and I am self-employed as a blogger and influencer.I work in a showroom of a web shop and I am self-employed as a blogger and influencer. WHERE OchtenINSTAGRAM
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  7. Make your cradle or crib

    Make your cradle or crib

    How do you make a cradle or crib? Studio Ditte has beautiful cotton sheets for the little ones in its collection. Sheets in soft white cotton with beautiful prints. The sheets can create a beautiful atmosphere in the baby room or toddler room. But how do you make a cradle or crib? How do you ensure that your newborn baby or toddler sleeps safely?
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  8. Baby room and toddler room

    Baby room and toddler room

    Studio Ditte at my home #06 Take a look at Novi's sweet baby room with soft, warm colors. In her crib, Novi has a flat sheet with wild animal print of Studio Ditte. Liam has a cool boys' room with Studio Ditte rocket wallpaper on the wall. WHO Virginia (34 year), Liam (3) and Novi (0)INSTAGRAM @liaminpixels
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  9. New airplanes wallpaper

    New airplanes wallpaper

    Studio Ditte launches new airplanes wallpaper Yes, you are reading it right! There is a new addition in the Studio Ditte family. Studio Ditte proudly presents the new airplanes wallpaper. A wallpaper with a sky full of vintage toy airplanes for the room of young adventurers. The new kids room wallpaper has a cool touch and takes your child on exciting flights to unknown destinations. Great, children’s endless fantasy. Statement in the kids room The new airplanes wallpaper from Studio Ditte is colorful so that it’s eye-catching, but because of the white base it also radiates calmness. The new wallpaper combines nicely with a blue, gray or dark green wall. And bright yellow or red accessories match in a very cool
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  10. Tips for the kid’s room

    Tips for the kid’s room

    Provide an eye-catcher in the nursery We certainly recognize it all, you blink twice with your eyes and your child has become bigger again. From baby to toddler, through to the phase in which your child will really develop into an independent being. There are different needs at each phase and this is also reflected in the nursery. Studio Ditte shares three tips to give your son or daughter’s room a real new l
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  11. Girls' room with spunk

    Girls' room with spunk

    Studio Ditte at my home #05 Hi! I am Roos, 28 years old and mom of a small, cheerful knowitall that is called Jackie. We have a cool taste with a touch of color. We are in love with monochrome, but we also love cool prints and pastel colors. The combination of these two together is therefore, in our opinion, perfect! WHO Roos (28), mother of Jackie (2) and married with Theo (31)WHERE Alblasserdam INSTAGRAM @roosandjackie Girls’ room with spunk, both in prints and in color I would de
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  12. Sleeping with Studio Ditte

    Sleeping with Studio Ditte

    3 tips to make the bedtime ritual fun and easy Going to bed does not always go smoothly for everyone. What do we say, 9 out of 10 times it runs differently than planned and your child gets it done again to 'steal' half an hour. Studio Ditte shares three tips to make the bedtime ritual fun and easy. Tip 1: Rest and routines Cliché, but so true. Provide a regular routine so your child knows what will happen. This ensures peace and that makes it easier for you as a parent. Be real and plan enough time for yourself and your child to get ready to go to bed. Going to bed in a relaxed mood sleeps so much better.
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  13. Industrial look for your interior

    Industrial look for your interior

    Shop the style #01 Industrial look for your interior Are you looking for an industrial look for your interior? Do you get a happy feeling from old factory buildings? Do you see the beauty of old rusted tools? Then the container wallpaper from Studio Ditte is perfect for you! The container wallpaper has a beautiful weathered look. Decorated by rust and decay, your interior gets a lived-in atmosphere. Combine the Studio Ditte container wallpaper with tough hard materials such as ceramics, metal, glass or concrete and natural materials such as wood or leather. Look for old industrial furniture and mix it with nice clean design items. And keep the colors subdued. Black, greyed and natural shades do well next to the Studio Ditte container wallpaper. Do you want to enhance the industrial look of the container wallpaper? Use old, rusty tools when you style your home. Or look f
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  14. Mix of design and vintage

    Mix of design and vintage

    Studio Ditte at my home #04 Take a look at the home of interior blogger Mariët including the toddler room of Peppe. The base is white with pastels, combined with design and vintage. WHO Mariët (32) lives with her boyfriend and son Peppe (1,5)WHERE AmersfoortINSTAGRAM @missjettle I like to combine design with vintage I would describe my style as Romantic Modern; I like to combine design products with vintage / second-hand stuff. The basis of our house is white with pastels. Design makes it modern, vintage makes it cool and a bit different, the pastels make it sweet and romantic.
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  15. Studio Ditte favourites #04

    Studio Ditte favourites #04

    Robot duvet cover Studio Ditte Studio Ditte robot duvet cover with a army of friendly robots. The colorful robot bed linen can set a beautiful atmosphere in the children's room. The print is crisply displayed on a soft white cotton. Your child will dream wonderfully under this beautiful children's bed linen.Robot wall stickers Studio Ditte With this Studio Ditte robot wall stickers you can c
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  16. The boys rooms of Mine

    The boys rooms of Mine

    Studio Ditte at my home #03 The children's rooms of Jonah and Ezra are bright rooms with a fixed color pallet. The style is a mix of the white / clean Scandinavian combined with flea market treasures. WHO Willemine (28), Gijsbert (28), Jonah (5) and Ezra (2)WHERE BarneveldINSTAGRAM @mama.mine Scandinavian style with flea market finds I really like the mix of the white / clean Scandinavian combined with flea market treasures. The rooms are light with a white wooden floor and I have bought almost nothing new for the rooms, except the duvet covers and the lamps. Beds / school
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  17. Do-it-yourself stick horse

    Do-it-yourself stick horse

    Studio Ditte DIY: A stick horse for Saint Nicholas The Studio Ditte stick horse is very easy to make and it is super fun toy during the Saint Nicholas party! What do you need? - Template (see download)- Scissores- Cardboard plate of 42 x 34 cm- Een stick- Masking tape- Stickers- Broad adhesive tape Print template Start with printing the template for the horse's head. It is four A4 sheets that you can glue together. The head has a maximum width and height of 42 x 34 cm.
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  18. Studio Ditte favourites #03

    Studio Ditte favourites #03

    Rocket wall stickers Studio Ditte With these Studio Ditte rocket wall stickers you can cheer up the children's room in no time. There are 3 different rocket stickers, available in 2 sizes. Nice wall decoration for example next to the bed in the nursery or next to the dresser in the baby room.Rocket bedding Studio Ditte
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  19. Colour advice cars wallpaper

    Colour advice cars wallpaper

    Studio Ditte colour advice Our first colour advice blog is online! We often get the question which colours combine nicely with wallpaper from Studio Ditte. For us a good reason to write a blog with colour advice! What is a nice colour for the wall next to the wallpaper? In this blog, Studio Ditte gives you colour advice for car wallpaper. In the coming period, more colour advice blogs will follow for other Studio Ditte wallpaper prints. Durable wallpaper and durable wall paint Studio Ditte’s wallpaper is produced in a sustainable manner and is biodegradable. Quality and sustainability of products are important to us. When we went looking for wall paint for a photo shoot ourselves, we came across paint from the Dutch brand Fairf. Fairf provides extra matt water-based wall paints based on vegetable binder and natural raw materials.
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  20. Tips for washing bed sheets

    Tips for washing bed sheets

    How to keep your bedding beautiful What's nicer than going to bed with freshly washed bedding? A great feeling for you and for your kids. But how can you keep your bedding as beautiful as possible? What is the right temperate to wash the duvet cover set, and do you need to wash it before first use? Studio Ditte is happy to share a few tips & tricks to enjoy your duvet cover set even longer. Washing the first time Always wash the new duvet cover before putting on your bed the first time. This is important because after washing, the cotton will absorb moisture better. Besides, the bedding usually smells a bit chemical through to the production process. Wash the cover at 30 °C the first time. Oh, what not
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  21. 3 x kids' room tour

    3 x kids' room tour

    Studio Ditte at my home #02 Three times inside viewer of kids' rooms! All three monochrome with a touch of color. The rooms are 'more than different' and a bit odd. WHO Cindy (40), Floortje (7), Willemijn (5) en Otis (21 months)WHERE (near) ZwolleINSTAGRAM @otis_oh The style of the kids' rooms Our style is best described as monochrome with a touch of color. Floortjes' room has mint accents (like the Studio Ditte elephant wall sticker) and Willemijns' room has (by now) a lot of pink, including two walls with paint splashes and a wall with birdhouse wallpaper. In Otis&rsqu
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  22. Shop the style #01

    Shop the style #01

    The style of Miss Jettle Below you see interior photos of Miss Jettle. Mariët van der Kooij is interior blogger and loves white with pastel in combination with design and vintage. The picture below shows a beautiful vintage apothecary cabinet with the back wall covered with Studio Ditte button wallpaper. Nice idea to give your cabinet a new look in this way. On the other picture you can see a nice workplace with Studio Ditte button wallpaper on the wall. The workplace is styled with accessories in pastel shades and a touch of gold. Do you like this style? We have collected some nice products in this style for you. Foto credits:
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  23. Studio Ditte favourites #02

    Studio Ditte favourites #02

    Horses wallpaper Studio Ditte Elegant horses are galloping over the wall of a cool girls room. Each horse has its own print and temperament. Lion wall sticker Studio Ditte Studio Ditte has sweet wall stickers of wild animals with bright colors and delicate prints. There are three different animals: an elegant giraffe, a sweet elephant and a friendly lion. Origami lamp
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  24. Toddler room with cars

    Toddler room with cars

    Studio Ditte at my home #01 The first inside viewer is online! Take a look at Bruce's serene cool toddler's room. Not too much fuss. The accessories do the job! WHO Shannon (25), Rob (29) en Bruce (2)WHERE MaassluisINSTAGRAM @bruceandus__ Serene cool boys room I would describe Bruce his room as a serene cool boys room. The room becomes less and less a nursery. On the one hand, that's a bit crazy. But Bruce finds it cool to see vintage cars on his wall. Or to sleep under his cars duvet cover, Bruce proudly calls his bed “my cars bed”. To keep it all in our sty
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  25. Studio Ditte favourites #01

    Studio Ditte favourites #01

    We are designers, but all three of us are also mothers and love nice things. We enjoy styling our houses and the kids’ rooms. We often find surprising accessories on fairs, in shops and via blogs. Through this blog we want to share what products we like. Products that inspire us or can be combined with the Studio Ditte collection. Robot wallpaper Studio Ditte This army of friendly robots is made from old prints and decorated with small finds. The robot wallpaper is a blend of the nostalgic and the digital age.Riceananas plush toy fro
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