A warm, cool boysroom with elephant wallpaper

Jip is very happy with his beautiful new room, he thinks the elephant wallpaper is cool! I am also completely satisfied with the style in this room, it feels warm, cool and cozy. A real boy's room!

WHO Jouke 37 years old| starting with Bloem styling & advice
KIDS Mara aged 13 | Mees aged 11 | Jip aged 7 | Soof almost 5 months
WHERE Elst (gld)
INSTAGRAM huisvanzes

Getting started with 4 children’s bedrooms

We have now been living in our home for over five years. A new-built house that has been delivered as good as bare. My happy, handy husband and father made it completely to our liking from the ground up. In addition to an awful lot of time, this naturally also involved a lot of money. The bedrooms were fine but fairly low budget and never quite how I would like it. Lately we have been restyling room by room. Only when I turned out to be pregnant with our fourth child, everything changed and the children all changed rooms! A dormer window was added and we were able to get started with 4 children's rooms, now that is something we really like! Bram loves the odd jobs and I can't wait to get started with the styling! I make up and he makes. We do lack time, but in these corona months the weekends are almost empty and we can get to work in our house. I love interiors, beautiful things and taking pictures, all that comes together on Instagram (@huisvanzes). Although I sometimes have to laugh out loud while taking a picture, because at home it is always busy and it rarely or never looks so calm and tidy!

Jip thinks the elephants are cool

Jip is very happy with his beautiful new room, he thinks the elephants are cool! I am also completely satisfied with the style in this room, it feels warm, cool and cozy. A real boy's room! I had been looking for a nice and beautiful wallpaper for Jip's room for a while. I found it really difficult to find nice boy wallpaper. Often it becomes too colorful, too childish or just too adult. The elephant wallpaper from Studio Ditte was exactly what we were looking for! In combination with the beautiful panthera duvet cover and the rust-brown striped fitted sheet, the white wood and the accessories in the room, we think it has become a beautiful whole!

Styling advice for baby and children’s rooms

I think interior styling is something I grew up with. My parents were always making house changes too, still by the way! Haha, I recently helped my mother with “just” wallpapering! While we only arrived for coffee. Go, move the furniture and get started! If we have something in our head, we don't have it on our butt! I am always busy with our interior, if it not physically then in my head. That does cause a certain unrest, but because it is something I really enjoy, it also gives me energy! That is why I decided at the end of 2020 to give up my job as a maternity nurse and go for a new challenge! Turning my hobby into my job, ... that's how I started with Bloem styling & advice. I am going to give styling advice when furnishing baby and children's rooms!

We often search on Pinterest together

Whether my son helped with the furnishing? I must admit that I always try to steer a little! Now that I write this down like this, it sounds worse than it is in practice, .. haha, they can really make their own choices. But they can't get me to have a room full of cartoon characters. They know that by now. We often search together on Pinterest, so that mother's milk just continues here. For me, a nursery must be a nursery. It must be a room where they feel comfortable and where they like to be, their place! When I showed Jip this beautiful wallpaper of the elephants, he was immediately very enthusiastic, .. luckily I thought, I can do something with this! As soon as something "needs" to be done in the house, my parents are at the front, just like us, they are enthusiastic about new projects. Unfortunately my mother was tested positive and they had to be quarantined for 2 weeks, I don't have that much patience! So the day after the wallpaper came in, while Soof was sleeping, I wallpapered the wall together with Jip! My father would also make the jungle gym, but I eventually ordered this too! I like that the children can really do something in their room, .. Mara and Mees are now jealous of Jip's great room, so there will probably be a lot of playing there!

Ritual before bedtime

Now I would love to say that I read them a story every night, but I must honestly say that doesn't happen often anymore! We do try to go through the day with them before going to bed, .. I love those 1 on 1 moments, lying in bed together and the other conversations that you have as a result. A big hug and then a good night's sleep!

Styling tips for a children’s room

In recent years I have noticed that wallpaper does a lot with a space, so now a wall has been hung in the four children's rooms. I personally like a calm basis, but it does not always have to be “right” for me. I like choices that are not so obvious! For example an item in a bright color or a print!