Attention to people and the environment

Studio Ditte designs all products with great care with an eye for people and the environment. We develop all products ourselves, from idea to end product. This way we can control the impact the products have on people and the environment. We think it is important that the products we design are sustainable.

Sustainable children's bedding

Studio Ditte's children's bedding is made in factory in Spain. The fabrics are produced in a safe and responsible environment and with an eye for people and the environment. The duvet covers and fitted sheets are made in Spanish sewing studios.

Oeko-Tex® certification

The children's duvet covers from Studio Ditte have the Oeko-Tex® certification. This is a quality mark that shows that the duvet covers are free of substances that can be harmful to the health of your child. Your child will sleep wonderfully and safely under a Studio Ditte duvet cover.

Responsible grown cotton

Studio Ditte's children's bedding is made from responsibly grown cotton. The cotton has the 'Better Cotton Initiative' quality mark, which focuses on making cotton cultivation more sustainable. The Better Cotton Initiative is a partnership between development organizations, environmental organizations and the business community. BCI sets requirements for more environmentally friendly production and good working conditions for the people who produce cotton.

Sustainable wallpaper

The wallpaper from Studio Ditte is a high quality non-woven wallpaper and is FSC certified. The wallpaper is biodegradable and is produced in a sustainable way in the Netherlands. The wallpaper is free of harmful substances. You can therefore use the children's wallpaper in the nursery or playroom.

Less CO2 emissions

The wallpaper is made in the Netherlands. The wallpaper therefore does not have to be transported by plane or boat to the Netherlands. This saves a lot in CO2 emissions. It is interesting to know that a large part of our producer's premises is heated with the residual heat from the wallpaper production. And the paper waste goes back to the factory where they buy their paper, it's a closed circle.

Backpacks made from PET bottles

The material of the backpacks and pencil cases is made from recycled PET bottles. We develop the backpacks together with Rilla go Rilla.