• Tips for washing bed sheets
    Tips for washing bed sheets
    How to keep your Studio Ditte bedding beautiful What's nicer than going to bed with freshly washed bedding? A great feeling for you and for your kids. But how can you keep your bedding as beautiful as possible? What is the right temperate to wash the duvet cover set, and do you need to wash it before first use? Studio Ditte is happy to share a few tips & tricks to enjoy your duvet cover set even longer. Washing the first time   Always wash the new duvet cover before putting on your bed the first time. This is important because after washing, the cotton will absorb moisture better. Besides, the bedding usually smells a bit chemical through to the production process. Wash the cover at 30 °C the first time. Oh,
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  • Nursery with elephant wallpaper
    Nursery with elephant wallpaper
    A warm, cool boysroom with elephant wallpaper Jip is very happy with his beautiful new room, he thinks the elephant wallpaper is cool! I am also completely satisfied with the style in this room, it feels warm, cool and cozy. A real boy's room! WHO Jouke 37 years old| starting with Bloem styling & adviceKIDS Mara aged 13 | Mees aged 11 | Jip aged 7 | Soof almost 5 monthsWHERE Elst (gld)INSTAGRAM huisvanzes
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  • Colour advice elephant wallpaper
    Colour advice elephant wallpaper
    Studio Ditte colour advice for elephant wallpaper We often get the question which colours combine nicely with wallpaper and bedding from Studio Ditte. For us a good reason to write a blog with colour advice! What is a nice colour for the wall and/or furniture next to the wallpaper? In this blog, Studio Ditte helps you with a colour palette for the elephant wallpaper and children's bedding. In addition to color advice for the nursery, we also give tips for products that combine nicely with our prints. Inspiration for a beautiful nursery. Sustainable wallpaper, produced in
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Studio Ditte is a Dutch brand with wallpaper, bedding and backpacks. With love and an eye for detail, we design products with playful patterns that make you happy. We design all products ourselves, with attention to people and the environment. In the prints of Studio Ditte you discover new details every time.

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Are you looking for inspiration for the baby room, toddler room or nursery? Wallpaper, fitted sheets and duvet covers can set a beautiful atmosphere.What would you think about vintage cars, jaguars or elephantsfor a cool boy's room? And wallpaper and bedding with forest animals of brids for a girls' room? Check our blog for styling ideas, color recommendations and inside viewers.