• Nursery with dinosaur wallpaper
    Nursery with dinosaur wallpaper
    Wallpaper with dinosaurs Finn's nursery has a Scandinavian living style and the dinosaur wallpaper from Studio Ditte fits perfectly with this! A nice calm print, but a playful and colorful children's wallpaper. WHO Nikki (33)  KIDS Finn (6) | Melle (2)WHERE ScherpenzeelINSTAGRAM huisophetveldje Dinosaur wallpaper: calm, playful and colorful Finn's room has a calm base with some cool and colorful details. I myself really like the Scandinavian living style and the dinosaur wallpaper from studio Ditte fits perfectly with this! A nice calm print, but a playful and colorful children's wallpaper. Nursery with dinosaurs Finn himself had a few wishes when designing his new room. His favorite color green had to come back and he wanted dinosaurs! Because I'm not that crazy about the primary colors myself, I looked for a nice grayish green color (Aquamarine Deep from Little Greene). Luckily Finn liked it too! I was also looking for a wallpaper with a gray base and then I happened to see a message from Studio Ditte with the new
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  • Girls room with seals wallpaper
    Girls room with seals wallpaper
    Wallpaper with seals The colorful girls room with seal wallpaper from Studio Ditte fits Saar perfectly. She wanted a cheerful wallpaper with color and immediately fell in love with the seal wallpaper. This beautiful wallpaper in combination with the bedding with cherries and the fitted sheet with jaguar spots completes her room! WHO Ilona (interior designer) & Bram  KIDS Saar (8) | Gijs (4)WHERE Ulvenhout (Noord-Brabant)INSTAGRAM studiobril Sleeping in a bedhouse We have been living in Ulvenhout for 6 years now, we came to live here when Saar was 2 years old. At the time, we started with a bedstead that has been exchanged over the years for a single bed with a custom-made bed house. On the first floor, our house has different sloping sides, so it took us a while to figure out how best to divide the rooms. We have opted for a standard white bed for the base. The interior builder, who also helped us with other projects, made the bed house. This was a bull's eye. A cozy sleeping house with lots of space and a nice place to put away her showpieces. In the winter we often attach
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  • Boysroom with construction car wallpaper
    Boysroom with construction car wallpaper
    Nursery with work vehicles wallpaper Finn's nursery is cool and industrial. To emphasize the industrial feeling, the Studio Ditte work vehicles wallpaper light grey is combined with an old metal locker cabinet and old Tonka toy shovel. WHO Evelien Bijkerk (35) KIDS Finn and Suus, twins of 2,5 jaar | Thom 6 monthsWHERE Boijl | We live in an old village shop that we have completely renovated ourselvesWORK & HOBBY Interior stylingINSTAGRAM @evelien_bijkerk Cool industrial nursery I would describe Finn's nursery with the work vehicles wallpaper in light grey from Studio Ditte as industrial and cool. Finn was immediately enthusiastic when I showed him a photo of the work vehicles wallpaper. While putting the wallpaper on the wall he had a lot of stories about the cars and kept saying: “Finn, nice car. Make mama, beautiful.” When grandpa or grandma come to his room, all cars are proudly pointed out. Playing with colours, shapes and materials
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Are you looking for inspiration for the baby room, toddler room or nursery? Wallpaper, fitted sheets and duvet covers can set a beautiful atmosphere.What would you think about vintage cars, jaguars or elephantsfor a cool boy's room? And wallpaper and bedding with forest animals of brids for a girls' room? Check our blog for styling ideas, color recommendations and inside viewers.