• Baby room with race car wallpaper
    Baby room with race car wallpaper
    Nursery with race cars  A baby room with a quiet, safe base and a bit of color thanks to the cool Studio Ditte race car wallpaper. We knew right away that it was going to be a car room, and that had to be the case with the name Max and a brother who loves car racing. WHO Mieke Kat | 34 Mother of Daan (6) and Max (1), in relationship with Niels for 10 years, creative entrepreneur and loves styling children's rooms. Because of this I also started making posters and prints, for that little bit extra!WHERE OudkarspelMORE INFO www.miekillustreert.nlINSTAGRAM @miekillustreert Car nursery for Max I would describe Max's room as a quiet, safe base for him with a bit of color through the cool cars of the Studio Ditte race car wallpaper. Max likes a quiet space, so the base is quite neutral. In combination with the cool race car wallpaper, I can also play with colors in the accessories that are also incorporated into the beautiful wallpaper. We knew right away that it was going to be a car nursery, and that had to be the
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  • Nursery interior design advice
    Nursery interior design advice
    Nursery interior design adviceby Nadira Albersen NADIRA ALBERSEN INTERIOR DESIGN ADVICEMake your house a home! Do you want to create a beautiful interior and you can't quite figure it out yourself? Or do you want something unique such as custom furniture? I can help you with interior design advice. This can be a complete advice package, but also through some minor adjustments. Together we look at what is needed. In addition to making interior plans and providing interior design advice, I am a certified SketchUp trainer. With SketchUp you can create photorealistic impressions from a 3D model. The animations give a good idea of what an interior design can look like.FACE BEHIND NADIRA ALBERSEN INTERIOR ADVICENadira Albersen, 33 years old, married with Stephan and mother of Lenthe (3) and Tijn (2)INSPIRATIONI get a lot of inspiration from retail, many fashion chains have beautiful interiors, but also hotels, and of course Instagram and Pinterest.MORE INFO www.nadira-albersen.comINSTAGRAM @gewoon.wonen Studio Ditte airplanes duvet cover light blueStudio
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  • Nursery with big cats wallpaper
    Nursery with big cats wallpaper
    Children's room with calm natural colors A cool and at the same time sweet children's room for Leau who loves tigers and lions. The Studio Ditte big cats wallpaper has beautiful calm beige/nude tones and fits perfectly with the style of the bedroom. The big cats wallpaper is combined with a Studio Ditte red cherries on nude duvet cover and gingham fitted sheet in nude. WHO Chântalle | 34I live with my husband in Nijmegen. And of course I am also the mother of two sweet girls Lott (4 years old) and Leau (almost 3 years old). I also work as a nurse in a TBS clinic. I have a busy social life, I love sports and therefore never sit still.INSTAGRAM @chantalledekoter Children's room: sweet with a cool edge Our daughters love animals and Leau especially loves tigers and lions. The
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