Request wallpaper sample

Do you want to order wallpaper, but would you like to see it first? Ask for a wallpaper sample here. We will send you a sample free of charge so that you can view the wallpaper and possibly look for a nice matching color.

Colour advice

We often get the question which colours combine nicely with wallpaper and bedding from Studio Ditte. What is a nice colour for the wall and/or furniture next to the wallpaper? In our blog, Studio Ditte helps you with a colour palette for the wallpaper and bedding. In addition to colour advice for the nursery, we also give tips for products that combine nicely with our prints. Inspiration for a beautiful nursery.

Wallpaper book

In the store locator you will find stores that have a wallpaper book of Studio Ditte so you can view the wallpaper in the store.

Application form

Which sample do you want to receive? (privacy statement)