Creative solutions for play, sleeping, work and storage space

As a PlekjesMaker ("SpaceMaker") I design and create creative and efficient solutions for play, sleeping, work and storage space. I create space. A nice place. To be. Your own dream space, your own cocoon.

Puzzling with space
As a child I loved building tree houses. My childhood, teenage and student room were always subject to change. I always created a nice place there. My Place. Efficient with the cubic meters, making good use of every corner. And that's what I still like to do. Puzzling with the space, materials and objects available.

Make a Place
We previously lived in Amsterdam with our two daughters. Their shared room wasn't too big. More like ini-mini. The ceilings, on the other hand, were almost 4 meters high. The toddler bunk bed worked fine at first. Until it became very tight for the eldest. And so we had to play around with the cubic meters. And preferably their own space for everyone. I went wild all the time. And they have become two great places of their own. This was really so much fun to think of, design and make. I would like to do this all day. But yeah. Who was waiting for that?! I thought then... And that's how my story as a SpaceMaker actually began.

Now, a few years later, I live with my lovely family in Uitdam, a small village above Amsterdam. We built our own house there, with many Spaces incorporated into it. Because I was able to create my own workshop at home here, the opportunity arose to not only design Spots, but also make them.




Designer and Maker in one

I have worked as a graphic and spatial designer for years. First at a communications agency and later as a freelancer. I have not completed any training as a furniture maker or other vocational training for manufacturing work. I just started making it. With blood, sweat and sleepless nights. And also tears. With trial and error. Watch. Copying. Asking questions. Trying out. Working with my hands, in addition to my digital design work, made me extremely happy. The balance between working with heart, head and hands is a golden combination for me. I need that variety.

And a not unimportant side effect: it helps me in the design process. I understand how something is made and built. What connections are needed. What properties and dimensions the materials to be used have. What it must meet. What you will encounter during the making process. And I keep learning.

Need- & Nice-to-Haves

Before a design phase starts, I ensure that the design question is clear: the Need- & Nice-to-Haves. Then I inventorize the dimensions, light, walking routes, electrical points, etc. And the limitations of the space. I try to use the latter for me. Instead of it hindering me in the design. This often creates exciting, playful and inspiring designs.

No fussing

In the design I look for the balance between simplicity and efficiency. A simple interplay of lines, with slightly round shapes. Subtle. No bells and whistles. My style is a combination of playful, sweet and friendly, but tough and robust. Where the bells and whistles come into play: that is the choice to combine with wallpaper and color. Due to the simplicity of the design, there is room for a beautifully chosen wallpaper in color, which will then stand out beautifully.

That combination makes a Space playful, sweet and cheerful. Sometimes it actually gives more depth or spaciousness. And the contrast between wood, color and wallpaper gives a certain degree of tranquility.

Chill & Craft Space

This was a niche in the living room that had no other function. And so it was the ultimate place as a mishmash gathering corner. It had a bulging round cove. And there was a hatch that had to remain accessible. The need was for a chill space for the little ones to read or watch a movie. A small craft space. And lots of storage space for all the toys and craft supplies lying around. Studio Ditte birds wallpaper was used for this Chill & Craft Space. View 'Before & After' here

Guest, Play & Storage Space

This space was built in a play cellar. There was a need for a lot of storage space and a place to stay, which could also be a chill space. It has become a box bed. With plenty of cupboard space all around. The bottom would initially become a Storage Space. But that's always possible...! For the time being it will remain a hut-building and hiding place! Birds wallpaper blue from Studio Ditte was used in this Space. View 'Before & After' here

Storage & Workspace

For a teenage room, the question was to combine a Storage Space and a Work Space. Plenty of room for books and crafts. Everyone is probably familiar with it: paper, markers, glitter, paint, etc. Toucan wallpaper from Studio Ditte was used in this project.

Play Space

A midwifery practice was looking for a nice play area. For when their clients are in the waiting area with young children. The Space has room for reading books and some toys. The benches are equipped with a folding bench and a drawer in which the toys can be stored. Studio Ditte birds wallpaper was used for this play area.

When I deliver a Space, I leave little houses behind, made from the residual wood. With a message or a drawing. That completes the project for me. Full circle. With attention.

Who knows, maybe another Space will come along soon with the beautiful wallpaper from Studio Ditte!

Love, the PlekjesMaker
. . .
Everyone deserves their own place.
Because that's important.