How to keep your Studio Ditte bedding beautiful

What's nicer than going to bed with freshly washed bedding? A great feeling for you and for your kids. But how can you keep your bedding as beautiful as possible? What is the right temperate to wash the duvet cover set, and do you need to wash it before first use? Studio Ditte is happy to share a few tips & tricks to enjoy your duvet cover set even longer.

Washing the first time


Always wash the new duvet cover before putting on your bed the first time. This is important because after washing, the cotton will absorb moisture better. Besides, the bedding usually smells a bit chemical through to the production process. Wash the cover at 30 °C the first time.

Oh, what not to do is leaving your bedding in water overnight. Than the duvet cover could leak colors and of course, that’s not what you want. Best is to wash your child’s duvet cover set every other week, and every week during warm summer months.

Studio Ditte's washing tips for bedding

  • Turn the duvet cover and the pillow case inside out.
  • Do not put the washing machine too full.
  • Use liquid detergent, preferably as little as possible. Washing powder can leave white spots.
  • Wash at max. 40 °C, preferably on a crease-resistant fine program. Note: Wash at 30 °C for the first time.
  • Remove the wet bedding directly from the washing machine to prevent leaking colors.
  • Preferably dry the bedding on the washing line. It’s good for the bedding, and better for the environment. Turn the cover and the pillow inside out to avoid the colors fading through the sun.
  • If you do put the bedding in the dryer, use a low temperature and anti-wrinkle program. Also, turn the covers inside out.