Boysroom with Scandinavic look and feel

Finn wanted animals, cars and the color blue in his room. When I bought the Studio Ditte wallpaper with elephants I was immediately excited and showed it to him. Luckily he liked it right away!

WHO Nathalie 33 jaar 
SON Finn 3 years old 
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I am Nathalie van der Meer, 33 years old and married to my childhood sweetheart. In addition, I am Finn's mother and I work part-time as an account manager. Finn turned 3 at the end of January and loves animals, cars and the color blue. When we started renovating our attic and realized a new bedroom for him there, I immediately knew that something with animals and blue had to come back.

Children's room with a quiet base

When renovating our attic, we wanted a more Scandinavian look and feel. A unity with color, but which also radiated tranquility. When I came across Studio Ditte's wallpaper with the wise elephants, I instantly knew we wanted it for his bedroom. I doubted for a while, because such a print can be quite busy. By keeping it quiet in his room, the wallpaper and the print come out very well. We have a quiet floor and tightly plastered walls. We painted the walls in a green-blue color. We chose to paint one wall and apply the color as paneling on the other side for a playful effect. The paneling is also very nice with the Ivar cabinets (from Ikea). With his bedding with cars, we bring back the colour blue.

Love for interior styling

My love for interior styling started already in my teenage years where my room has seen many colors. I was also already shuffling furniture and changing accessories and styles. Fortunately for my family, my taste has started to develop and get better. Since our new house (2014) I started working more with our interior. A lot of it goes by feeling and I also get inspiration through magazines and social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. I like it best when after a while sliding (or painting) 'the picture' is right.

Getting started with cars, animals and the colour blue

Finn gave the ideas to get started with animals, cars and the colour blue. When I came across Studio Ditte's wallpaper with the wise elephants, I was immediately enthusiastic and showed it to him. Luckily he liked it right away! Before we started wallpapering, I showed him a few times, so that he knew what was coming in his new room. Still, it was of course a huge surprise when we had his room ready. The bedding with vintage cars was also a nice surprise; his favourite colour and all cars were immediately looked at.

Ritual before going to sleep

When Finn was about 6 months old, we started a bedtime ritual. This has expanded a bit over time. We put on his pajamas in his room, then brush his teeth in the bathroom, etc. After this I or my husband read a book by his bed with his Miffy lamp. Finn leafs through that book one more time and then a group hug. This is my favorite, a nice end to the day no matter how your day was. Then a kiss, music on, light off and 2 more songs to sing in the dark. Can you guess which one...? 'Sleep baby sleep' and 'In the moonshine' are favourites.

Nursery styling tips

Look and listen to your child's wishes, but make sure that it remains a quiet base. If it had been up to Finn, he would have had a very blue room with cows on the wall haha. A place where he or she can withdraw and play and sleep. In addition, we opted for an Ivar cabinet to store his toys and books. In the future we can easily add another cupboard for all the stuff. In terms of accessories, I shop at various (online) stores. Little Dreamers is one of my favourites.