Studio Ditte at my home #03

The children's rooms of Jonah and Ezra are bright rooms with a fixed color pallet. The style is a mix of the white / clean Scandinavian combined with flea market treasures.

WHO Willemine (28), Gijsbert (28), Jonah (5) and Ezra (2)
WHERE Barneveld
INSTAGRAM @mama.mine

Scandinavian style with flea market finds

I really like the mix of the white / clean Scandinavian combined with flea market treasures. The rooms are light with a white wooden floor and I have bought almost nothing new for the rooms, except the duvet covers and the lamps. Beds / school bench / bench / changing table all come from the flea market.

We keep the base light

I love going to flea markets and looking for nice bargains. I like to make our home a cozy home, with things that are valuable to us. At the same time making it serene by keeping the basic light.

From baby room to toddler room

The room of Ezra is still as I furnished it when I was pregnant with him. Now I have to make a cool boy's room :). Jonah has chosen his studio Ditte duvet cover himself. He loves everything that has wheels. For example, he also has a poster with vehicles hanging in his room.

Rituals before going to bed

Piles of books are read every evening. We often go to the library and also have half a library of children's books at home. Afterwards we read the boys from the children's bible. The picture bible from Marijke ten Cate is highly recommended. She makes beautiful drawings! Then we sing and pray together. We talk about the day and Ezra always wants to give Jonah a big hug. Usually Gijs and I take turns doing the ritual with one of the boys. They love to have mom or dad just for themselves. A luxury of course if you are with two of them :).

Children's room styling tip

I think the mix of different materials / stuff / styles makes it so fun. Do it your own way and do not follow all trends :). Try to think about what you like and not what your favorite instagrammers like. I get inspired by people on Instagram and Pinterest, but I always try to give it my own twist. Oh yes, to keep it serene, I would recommend a fixed color pallet.

Where to buy

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