Nursery with work vehicles wallpaper

Finn's nursery is cool and industrial. To emphasize the industrial feeling, the Studio Ditte work vehicles wallpaper light grey is combined with an old metal locker cabinet and old Tonka toy shovel.

WHO Evelien Bijkerk (35) 
KIDS Finn and Suus, twins of 2,5 jaar | Thom 6 months
WHERE Boijl | We live in an old village shop that we have completely renovated ourselves
WORK & HOBBY Interior styling
INSTAGRAM @evelien_bijkerk

Cool industrial nursery

I would describe Finn's nursery with the work vehicles wallpaper in light grey from Studio Ditte as industrial and cool. Finn was immediately enthusiastic when I showed him a photo of the work vehicles wallpaper. While putting the wallpaper on the wall he had a lot of stories about the cars and kept saying: “Finn, nice car. Make mama, beautiful.” When grandpa or grandma come to his room, all cars are proudly pointed out.

Playing with colours, shapes and materials

Ever since I was little, I like to change, to “play” with colours, shapes and materials. Always making new combinations with old and new stuff. So I didn't make it my profession for nothing. For more information, take a look at

Styling tips for the nursery

I like to choose a combination of old and new stuff. Unity is created by the repetition of colours. The work vehicles wallpaper from Studio Ditte now provides the basis of colors, which you can use in all directions. To emphasize the industrial feeling, I chose an old metal locker, old Tonka toy shovel and metal coat rack and wall shelf.

Work vehicles wallpaper made to measure

I like to work with color areas and lines. This allows you to play with the spatiality. In Finn's room I "cut" the long wall half diagonally by means of a color area. Together with Studio Ditte I discussed the dimensions. Studio Ditte made the work vehicles wallpaper to measure, so that we had as little loss of the wallpaper as possible when pasting.


Ritual before going to sleep

Suus and Finn go to bed at the same time, we put on the pajamas and brush our teeth. We take turns reading a story in Suus' or Finn's nursery. Then they go to bed together to listen to a story. Finn likes to read from the big tractor book. After that we have to cuddle and “one more kiss”, something that is asked 10 times.