Cool nursery with dinosaur wallpaper

Jurre's nursery with the dinosaur wallpaper from Studio Ditte, stone blue duvet cover and fitted sheet with jaguar spots is cool and colourful. A real children's room with toys, lots of cuddly toys and personal items and crafts.

WHO Marjolein Hogeveen (34) living with boyfriend and two sons
KIDS Jurre (6) | Lasse (3)
WHERE Balk in Friesland
INSTAGRAM marjolein_hs

Decor contributes to how you feel

I am very visually oriented and love beautifully designed products. In addition, I think that decor contributes a lot to how you feel. So I think it is very nice and important to arrange the spaces in our house in such a way that it really feels like a home for all of us. As a child I was always busy changing my room and making it more beautiful.

Cool dinosaur wallpaper

When it comes to interior styling and a sense of what the environment looks like, Jurre is just like me. When he was younger he had a cute light wallpaper on the wall, but as a three-year-old boy he already clearly indicated that he didn't like that wallpaper at all, he wanted something cooler. When I saw the cool dinosaur wallpaper with the dark background from Studio Ditte, Jurre immediately became enthusiastic. If he didn't like it, I wouldn't have picked it. Because Jurre has such a clear opinion about what he likes and dislikes, I involve him in all choices for his room. Sometimes we come to a compromise and sometimes he chooses what he wants. At the moment there are also more Pokémon stuff and other stuff in his room than I would like. But he feels completely fine with all that stuff and I think that's more important.

Ritual before going to sleep

When Jurre was a little younger, we always read a book before going to sleep, with Lasse we still do this, but with Jurre we now always discuss the day or fun things that are coming up, such as fun outings or holidays. Jurre asks every day if we can talk about something and that's how he goes to sleep with positive thoughts.

Styling tips for a nursery

Do what you all feel comfortable with. When they are still babies you can go all out with your own decor and styling, but when they get older it may be that they want very different things themselves. Let them think along and make choices and when your own interior heart is not so happy with your child's choices, you may be able to come to a compromise, haha!