Studio Ditte at my home #07

Check out the cool toddler room of Jace. Jace is just 4 years old and has a children's room in a cool Scandinavian style. A room with gray paneling, lots of light wood, monochrome and ocher yellow accessories and a cars duvet cover from Studio Ditte.

WHO Inge van Cleef (33) and Jace (4)
I work in a showroom of a web shop and I am self-employed as a blogger and influencer.I work in a showroom of a web shop and I am self-employed as a blogger and influencer.
WHERE Ochten
INSTAGRAM @stijlinge

Tough Scandinavian

The style of my interior is romantic Scandinavian, but Jace's room is more cool Scandinavian with a quirky twist. I’m happy if I can make nice corners and share them with my followers on Instagram and my blog. I hope to inspire others. And that's what gives me energy.

Stubborn and tough

The room of Jace actually always reflects his character. Stubborn and cool. Now he is getting older and he also indicates if he likes something or not. But usually he lets me do it my way.

Ritual before bedtime

We do not have a ritual. But he always takes a shower before going to bed. I read a book or we will have a chat and cuddle. What he wants.

Children's room styling tips

I always think that you have to do everything that you like and that you should follow you feelings. But if I really should give a tip then I would say look at Marktplaats for a nice item for the children’s room. That's how I came across the locker a few years ago. A cool item that is original and gives the room an extra touch!