Studio Ditte at my home #08

The children's room of the 4-year-old Julian is slightly cool and scandinavian. A bright room with sturdy furniture and natural colors and materials. Julian and his mother Hester share the love for old cars. On the wall Julian has race car wallpaper from Studio Ditte. Kidsroom wallpaper with old Formula 1 racing cars.

WHO Erik (30, self-employed), Hester (28, assistant deputy head in a child center), Julian (4) and Naud (1,5)
Semi-detached house from the 50s
WHERE A small village in Friesland
LIVING STYLE 'Scandinavian'

Natural colors and materials

You could describe the style of my interior and especially Julian's children's room as slightly cool, and Scandinavian. From the first moment that I could think about a new room for Julian, I knew immediately what I wanted. A bright room. White in combination with (a little bit of) color, sturdy furniture. And I wanted to use natural colors and materials, just like in the rest of my interior.

'Addicted' to photography

For hours I can scroll online through the photos of beautiful accounts with children's rooms and interiors. Initially on Pinterest, later I discovered Instagram. I started to like this forum more and more. In the past year I became more and more active, and I became a kind of 'addicted' to photography. I see possibilities wherever I am. In the styling of the different rooms and the photography I find my peace and relaxation, and I become happy and enthusiastic about all the beautiful pictures that pass by. In addition, I have now gained many nice contacts, and I regularly work together with companies. Really a small gift.

Love for old cars

After the birth of Naud, Julian had only slept for a few weeks in his 'new' toddler room, and yet I missed something. Colour. Together we devised to paint a paneling, and the next day it was already done. We conceive, and Julian’s super handy granddad executes. We chose the color 'early dew' from Flexa. Furthermore, I find it important that Julian also has a say. He is still young, and does not have many wishes yet. But he does come up with an idea now and then. Recently we have framed a drawing of his niece, and also the branch with lamp is his own idea. We found the stick in the forest together. There we go, in the car home and presto, the result. We also like to go to the thrift store together. We share our love for books and old cars. Preferably Tonka's or emergency services. When we find them, they are guaranteed to come home and get a spot in the play corner of Julian's room.

Ritual before bedtime

Usually we start with bathing or showering, then cuddling or playing around on the big bed, brushing teeth, pajamas and ending up in our own bed with a beautiful book. We all love to read, (almost) never skip this.

Get inspired together, but stay with yourself

I always have nice ideas in my head. Unfortunately, I do not always have enough time and space to implement them all. My motto, get inspired together, but stay with yourself. I always like to see who made the photo at a glance. Own creativity makes the photo personal and I like that. Furthermore, I like to 'slide' and 'just do' regularly to come up with new ideas. Usually it is so that once I start, the rest will come naturally.

Where to buy

Wall sticker: @mommiesandmiracles
Sheepskin: @europeseschapenvachten
Tipi: homemade
Balloon lamp: @ekaterinagalera
The whaling garland, and the whale's silhouette: @verslingerdaanhout
Name cubes:
Poster: @aandewandpuntcom
XL poster work vehicles: @grasonderjevoeten
Cushion: @hiphuisje
Poster alphabet: @twigandmossnl
Deks with chair: kringloopgelukje
Cars Tonka: kringloopgelukje
Train: @ikeanederland
Embroidery rings: @echtilona
Cards: @inkylines
Bears: @kwantum_nederland
Garland: @kado_en_sa
Wire steel light: @actionnederland
Wooden car: @kekootje

Are you curious? On my instagram account @bij.hes you can find more pictures of my interior. Do you have any questions, or do you want to know something then I just like that and I like to hear it.