Studio Ditte at my home #09

Novi’s baby room is light with natural wood furniture and is really girly with pink details. On a part of a white wall, you can find Studio Ditte’s forest animals wallpaper. Novi always stares at the wallpaper with a smile.

WHO Virginia and partner Max
KIDS Liam (4) and Novi (0)
INSTAGRAM @liaminpixels

Lovely playground

In her room I created a play area with a play mat, pillows and of course enough toys. Novi loves to play there. Her big brother sometimes plays along. The eyecatcher there is the forest animals wallpaper of Studio Ditte. When you walk into the room, the wallpaper is the first to be noticed. And Novi is also impressed. She always stares at the animals that also look back at her with a smile. But that makes sense with those cute deer, foxes and rabbits.

Sleeping in her room

Novi likes to sleep in her room. During the day I put her to bed, tired but awake. Usually she will whine for 2 seconds, but then she notices that it is nice to go to sleep. The ritual at bedtime is almost always the same with the last bottle. She only wants mom then. Drink a bottle, cuddle with mum and then sleep well.

Pink and light wood

A lot of pink in her room? No, I think that's not bad. She has a corner where the walls are painted pink. It continues a bit on the right. I had painted this late in my pregnancy. I thought something was missing and I am still very happy with it. It gives the room a little more warmth and I like it with all that wood.


I always want to change something or at least add something in the children's rooms. You see so many nice things on the internet. Novi’s room was not ready at birth. The necessary things such as a commode and bedstead were there. But things like the large wall cupboard, the bears canvas wall storage, wallpaper by Studio Ditte, posters etc. came later. It is addictive fun all that kids stuff!

Want to know more?

Take a look at our Instagram profile @liaminpixels where you can also see where certain things can be found.

Below a few links:
Play mattrass: @sitbymeme
Bedstead: @ikeanederland
Wooden kite: @bisoudelou
Mammoet: @kidsconcept
Wall storage bear: @hmhome
Balloon poster: @limitation_free
Wooden elephant: @lalkastore
Wall sticker name: @naamelijk