Studio Ditte at my home #06

Take a look at Novi's sweet baby room with soft, warm colors. In her crib, Novi has a flat sheet with wild animal print of Studio Ditte. Liam has a cool boys' room with Studio Ditte rocket wallpaper on the wall.

WHO Virginia (34 year), Liam (3) and Novi (0)
INSTAGRAM @liaminpixels

Baby room with soft warm colors

Novi's room is not finished yet, but consists mainly of soft, warm colors. The base is white, with a pink wall and a long wall with light gray paneling. She has wooden furniture that gives the room even more warmth.

Mixing and matching is fun to do!

Since I have children I love to decorate their room and make nice snapshots of it. Because they still have no say in it, I can also go completely nuts and it doesn’t matter to Liam. There are so many nice products on the market, that always keeps me busy. Would that be fun on Liam's or Novi's room? Mixing and matching is fun to do!

Letting your child work with you

Liam and Novi are still too young to help decorate their room. Liam thinks everything that I choose for him is fine, as long as he has toys. However, he sometimes helps with the assembly of products where possible, or we just give him the chance to try it. Liam is rather good at plundering his toys. :)

Monochrome nursery with more and more color

Liam's room is in a monochrome style, so with especially black and white as the basis with many black and white accessories. At a certain moment I thought it was time for more color. After a lot of looking around on the internet I got to know Studio Ditte. I fell in love with the duvet cover with the rockets. The base is white with all colored rockets on it, which I thought would be really nice in his room. And indeed! More and more color is sneaking into Liam's room. Actually, I am always busy to change his room!

Ritual before bedtime

We always have a fixed bedtime ritual, even if we sleep somewhere else than at home. We read a maximum of 2 books before going to sleep, Liam knows that. He can always choose the books himself and Novi now also must always be there with him.