Studio Ditte launches new airplanes wallpaper

Yes, you are reading it right! There is a new addition in the Studio Ditte family. Studio Ditte proudly presents the new airplanes wallpaper. A wallpaper with a sky full of vintage toy airplanes for the room of young adventurers. The new kids room wallpaper has a cool touch and takes your child on exciting flights to unknown destinations. Great, children’s endless fantasy.

Statement in the kids room

The new airplanes wallpaper from Studio Ditte is colorful so that it’s eye-catching, but because of the white base it also radiates calmness. The new wallpaper combines nicely with a blue, gray or dark green wall. And bright yellow or red accessories match in a very cool way. The airplanes print makes a real statement in the kids room. Have you already read the latest blog with children's room tips from Studio Ditte?

Sustainable wallpaper

The airplanes wallpaper by Studio Ditte is made of high quality non-woven wallpaper and has a luxurious matt finish. The advantage of the FCS certified non-woven wallpaper is that it is very strong, colourfast and removable with water. Not entirely unimportant in a kids room. So you do not have to worry when your child goes on an adventure;) In addition, the Studio Ditte wallpaper is produced in a sustainable manner and the wallpaper is biodegradable. Still nice to know and certainly a nice extra for a children’s room.

Do you want to shop for the new airplanes wallpaper, or one of the other Studio Ditte wallpapers? Then take a look at the Studio Ditte webshop.

* A roll wallpaper is 6 m long and 48,5 cm wide. The pattern repeats after 3 m and a wallpaper roll costs 135 euro.