Provide an eye-catcher in the nursery

We certainly recognize it all, you blink twice with your eyes and your child has become bigger again. From baby to toddler, through to the phase in which your child will really develop into an independent being. There are different needs at each phase and this is also reflected in the nursery. Studio Ditte shares three tips to give your son or daughter’s room a real new look with simple adjustments.

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Tip 1: Statement

Everything depends on good preparation. No matter how big or small the adjustments will be, make a plan before you start and think about what you want to change. A good beginning makes a good ending, they say. Studio Ditte's first tip: make a statement. Try to keep the room peaceful. After all, it remains a place where your child also has to be able to sleep well at night. For example, choose a beautiful rug or a striking wallpaper or duvet cover from the Studio Ditte collection. Make sure this becomes the eye-catcher of the room and keep the rest restful.

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Tip 2: Provide enough storage space

Children have a lot of stuff and sometimes you ask yourself where all the stuff comes from. Therefore, ensure sufficient storage space in the children’s room. So the kids can play here during the day, but when it's time to go to bed all toys are neatly stored away. Studio Ditte's tip: choose furniture in a neutral color that you can also use in the next age phase of your child. Create places in the nursery where there is space for personal items and items that are important to your child. By placing these together on a nice shelf or on a cupboard for example, it looks cozy and you still keep it peaceful. Have you seen our wall stickers? Fun, for example at the bed in the children’s room or at the changing table in the nursery.

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Tip 3: Colors

Color in the children’s room is of course indispensable. Consider here which colors you want to use and also adjust the accessories. For sure, different color tones are also a possibility. As long as these shades blend well, you will see that it makes the nursery more vivid. Be sure to read the color advice blog of Studio Ditte in which we tell you which colors combine well. Also use these colors in the accessories or the children's bedding and your son or daughter can enjoy his / her new room.

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