Studio Ditte at my home #01

The first inside viewer is online! Take a look at Bruce's serene cool toddler's room. Not too much fuss. The accessories do the job!

WHO Shannon (25), Rob (29) en Bruce (2)
WHERE Maassluis
INSTAGRAM @bruceandus__

Serene cool boys room

I would describe Bruce his room as a serene cool boys room. The room becomes less and less a nursery. On the one hand, that's a bit crazy. But Bruce finds it cool to see vintage cars on his wall. Or to sleep under his cars duvet cover, Bruce proudly calls his bed “my cars bed”. To keep it all in our style, we left his room as serene as possible. Not too much fuss. The accessories do the job!

Rituals before going to bed

Since Bruce turned 1 year old, he finally sleeps through the night until today (hallelujah!). It was a big deal for me to get rid off the crib and replace it suddenly with a toddler bed. But we realized that it was time for Bruce. No single regret, because he sleeps very well in his big bed. Now we also have a ritual when going to bed, reading a book or singing a song, tickling his back and then I can leave, haha.

Cars wallpaper

I like styling the room! I can spend hours/days on the Pinterest website. Before, I could go crazy with paint and so the walls have had many colors. The room now has one painted wall in one color, in fact, the wall all consists of closets. On the other side, the wall is covered with cars wallpaper, which completes the room. Okay, to be honest, it's never finished. Because it is always great to style the room with new stuff.

Bruce wants to help with everything

It's nice to be busy with Bruce in his room. Now he is at an age that he wants to help with everything. And ultimately everything belongs to him, because we are still in the 'mine' phase. He found it wonderful, for example, to help with putting together his new toddler bed, of course with his own toy drilling machine.

Kids room styling tip

A styling tip I would like to give to someone is, styling of a kids room does not have to be complicated or cost a lot of money. More likely, you already have everything in your home to give the room that extra look. Just by adding accessories with color (without paint brushes), you'll quickly create a cool boys room.

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