Playful girls room with birds wallpaper for Guusje and Lea

Our girls are very different, but do share a room. Guusje would ask for a pink princess room and Lea for something cool. In the Studio Ditte birds wallpaper I think I have found the perfect combination for both. I surprised them with the new birds wallpaper in their room and they were both very happy!

WHO Esther / 38 years old / pedagogical employee
KIDS Sil of 5 years and Guusje en Lea of just 4 years old!
WHERE Doetinchem
INSTAGRAM estherhe 

Birds wallpaper and arched paneling

We have been living in our nice new-built home for 1.5 years now; and although I love to be busy with our interior, I thought it was a bit much during the construction of our house, especially since our children were a lot younger then. With three children within two years, we know what is meant with hard times and I have therefore sometimes made easy, quick choices; also at Guusje and Lea's room. A few months ago I painted a arched paneling (I saw this idea at @lotsoffun.interior), but recently I was not sure if I had chosen the right color. For me, it didn't quite match the wallpaper we had. Now I am glad that I have not changed anything, because it is a real match with the birds wallpaper from Studio Ditte. By the way, my partner was not eager to re-wallpaper the room. Lack of time was the main reason for this and I was quite frustrated that I thought I couldn't do this myself. Luckily there was a lovely uncle on the doorstep last week; "surprise, we are going to hang wallpaper together!" So I can now say that I wallpapered my first wall myself; but to be honest, I was very happy to have experienced help. It wasn't the wallpaper; it is nice, sturdy wallpaper and I think that certainly helped me at the first time!

Wallpaper is a nice mood maker

I love to finish our house completely in our own style, with color, pastel shades, nice accessories and different wallpapers. People often think our choices are risky, but it doesn't feel that way at all. A wallpaper immediately gives a nice atmosphere and I still think our base is calm! Especially now that the children are going to school, I feel more and more space is created to be busy at home, to style and then to create and share the perfect picture. By the way, that perfect picture is only short-lived, after I have taken a picture there typically is a complete collection on the floor of dolls, barbie's and Lego quickly! There is a lot of life in our house, fortunately!

A sweet and sturdy room in one

Our girls are very different, but do share a room. So I don't ask them much for their opinion when decorating their room. Guusje would ask for a pink princess room and Lea for something cool. In the birds wallpaper I think I have found the perfect combination for both, especially in combination with the arched wall on the other side of the room. So I just surprised them with the new wallpaper in their room and they were both completely happy! In the future they will have their own room in the attic that we have yet to realize, and I fear that I will not get rid of it easily by then!

Ritual before bedtime

Guusje and Lea still sleep in their toddler beds, and now that they are four it is high time for another bed. We recently ordered this and it occurred to me that we will have two mattresses left. In the attic there was another mattress of the eldest and Aunt Truus made a cover from a fitted sheet from Studio Ditte. It hurt a little to put the scissors in there, but it has become so much fun. This immediately created a new ritual for us. Every evening I now read a book on the mattress. This is much more comfortable for me than in between their beds and all three of them can now take a good look at the book when I read them. As soon as the new beds are there, we also make a cover for the other two mattresses and that seems like a wonderful stack! Besides that, it looks great fun, the children play with it a lot; building huts, jumping, chilling out, everything is allowed on these mattresses!

Styling tips for a nursery

Nice bedding already does so much! Sil has a bunk bed, his big dream when he turned four, and it turns out to be very practical because there is always a place left for a guest. I bought him a fairly basic bunk bed and to be honest the bed is quite large for his room. I then chose to invest in beautiful bedding, which makes the bed and its room very nice! Are you ready for a change, but don't want to get started with wallpaper or paint right away? Then choose a duvet cover and don't forget a nice fitted sheet!