Cheerful jungle room with toucan wallpaper for Tijmen

When we moved to our new home last September, of course I naturally made Tijmen's room very cozy. But I kept having an unfinished feeling about it, also because of the white walls. Time for color and cheerfulness! With the toucan wallpaper from Studio Ditte I made a cheerful jungle room for Tijmen.

WHO Femke, moeder | photographer | globetrotter | storyteller
WHERE Eijsden

Wallpaper with toucans for an animal lover

I have always loved Studio Ditte's wallpaper and when the toucan print came along, I was actually completely sold. So great for our animal lover Tijmen who later wants to become a forest ranger and Freek Vonk. ;-) Because it is quite a busy print, I decided to divide the wallpaper over two walls. I painted the rest of those walls yellow ocher, for a playful effect.

Duvet cover with panthers, tigers and jaguars

I personally like it when something doesn’t fit exactly so I will not go for perfectly matching (color) combinations. So the Flow fitted sheet and the Panthera duvet cover, also both from Studio Ditte, remained. We already had that in Tijmens’ previous room. I love it! The furniture in Tijmens' room is all pale wood and provides that piece of unity and tranquility.

Sustainable wallpaper for the nursery

The wallpaper from Studio Ditte is a high quality non-woven wallpaper, produced in the Netherlands. The children's wallpaper is produced in a sustainable way and is biodegradable. The wallpaper contains FSC-certified pulp and a polyester fiber. These substances together make the wallpaper strong and of good quality. You can see that immediately!

Decorate it yourself with non-woven wallpaper

With the help of my mother, I decorated the room with this beautiful wallpaper in a few hours. The tip is that you spread the glue directly on the wall with - yes - a paint roller. This really worked perfectly. The work instructions from Studio Ditte were very clear so it was really a great job to do yourself! We had some pieces left and we had them come back as a border in Jonas's small room. Looks really nice. As a result, we used almost all the wallpaper and we hardly had anything left.