Studio Ditte at my home #11

Mats has a light, playful room with vintage elements. His mother Irene likes to shop at thrift stores. The airplanes wallpaper of Studio Ditte is Mats’ favorite. He often counts the planes and names which airplane he likes most.

WHO Irene (32) married with Maarten (32), 2 beautiful sons; Mats (4) and Ted (2)
WHERE We live in Rijssen, Twente
HOUSE Beatiful, self-built semi detached house in 30’s-style
INSTAGRAM @me_myboys_and_irene

Light, playful and vintage

There is a lot to see in Mats' room. I would describe the style as light and playful and yet a bit a lot vintage. I love thrift shopping and you can see that in Mats's room; among other things, the tables, the blue chair and bedside table are from the thrift store. The chalkboard which often moves through the house and the rack on the wall, are also circular finds. The bed, the wall shelves and the motorway on the wall are my own ideas, worked out by Maarten. The racetrack is surely the showpiece! Secretly my great pride, haha. The track sometimes stays untouched for a long time, just being pretty, and sometimes the boys rediscover it again and it is used again for racing cars. The yellow Volkswagen van, which once stood on a wall shelf as a decoration, has now had to pay for it and has been knocked over by racing. I love it!

Express my creativity in styling

I can especially express my creativity in styling of the children's rooms. I see a lot of nice stuff on Instagram. So much that it sometimes makes me greedy. Greedy, but especially creative, because let's be honest, the wallet is not always that big. But by buying one item, for example, I can turn around the entire interior of a certain room. I love that! I can spend hours with it, resulting in a room that I am just as satisfied with. What that is? No idea, just a creative brain I think ;-) The men of the house have a little less with it, but let me go my way.

Counting airplanes

To be honest, Mats did not help much with the design of his room. He has little to no trouble when something has changed again and simply responds to it. For example, he thought it was incredibly nice that the school table was suddenly in his room, next morning he was suddenly coloring. Then the rack on the wall; he likes the fact that the caps can hang nicely in a row on the rack. What he still mentions almost every day are the planes! After his brother got new wallpaper, he thought it was his turn. The airplanes wallpaper is, upon request, his favorite in his bedroom. He is often counting the planes or he mentions which he likes best. So cute!

Ritual before going to sleep

VBefore the boys go to bed, after the ritual of washing, brushing teeth and putting on pajamas, we read a book in Mats' room. Even Ted wants nothing more than to read there. The three or four of us are in bed and usually read 2 stories from "Jip and Janneke". It is such a nice moment for the boys (and us) to take a break, listen and sit down with dad and / or mommy. Then we sing, also on Mats his bed, a song before bedtime, we give a big hug and kiss and Ted goes to his own bed.

Styling tips

Styling the rooms goes naturally here. It is something that suddenly arises, comes up, sometimes after just Instagramming, sometimes just while cleaning or just because I want to change something and start "sliding" with stuff. It is something in me. Everything you see in this room (and in the rest of our house) is what I find beautiful and where I had a good feeling about at that time. Not everyone has the same taste or style of design and I therefore find it difficult to tell others how it should be done. I can only say; follow your feelings and do what makes you happy (together).

Where to buy

Studio Ditte Airplanes wallpaper

On the wall the silhouette of a Lego doll: @bricksonthewall
Hanger with monkey and blue tassel: @wolkom.home
White wire steel chair:
Flag line and letter cushion: @rock_a_lilly
Alphabet stickers: @liefsvancindy
Everything else; mostly recycle