Kidsroom with vintage race cars

Sion has a boy's room in Nordic / Scandinavian style. The room has dark and warm tones, combined with light wood. The race car wallpaper from Studio Ditte really comes into its own.

WHO Samantha, 25 years old, married to Andreas. Kids Noël (4), Zion (almost 2) and pregnant with baby 3.
WHERE Rotterdam
WORK Own business; Manowoods. In addition, a lot at home with the kids.
INSTAGRAM @_thefourufus

Nordic, Scandinavian children's room


I would describe the style of Sion's room as Nordic / Scandinavian. It took a while before I knew what I really wanted with his room. Until I saw the dark race car wallpaper. This had to be it! The James color of the Fairf sustainable paint brand matches so beautifully and is exactly the color that I had in mind. In Sion's room you will find a match of color combined with wood and soft warm tones.

Switch endlessly


It is so nice to be busy with the interior, because it is never boring. You can keep on switching endlessly with items or layout. You never sit still like this.

The wallpaper really comes into its own


We asked Sion if he liked the wallpaper. This wallpaper was actually intended for Noël's room. But his older brother Noël had completely different plans. That had to be a jungle room. In the end I am very happy that the race car wallpaper is now in Sion's room. Here it really comes into its own.

Ritual before going to sleep


We are Christian, so before going to sleep we always sing/pray. Sometimes we also read a book and then we walk back 100 times for a kiss, a sip of water or a hug.

Mix different colors and items


Do what you find beautiful! Match different colors and items with each other. I did not dare to do this before, because I was afraid it was not possible. Now I do nothing else! Soon we will start the baby room and we will have a full migration here at home. We move to Sion's room, and Sion gets to sleep with his big brother. The baby is allowed in our room. We are so lucky to also get to enjoy this room? For the time being it will remain as it is. With our bed in it, then.

Where to buy


Studio Ditte Race car wallpaper dark
Studio Ditte Race car duvet cover dark

All items are for sale at Manowoods.
The octopus hug is from, as well as the red-green colored blanket and the clothing of Sion.
The lamp is from Mr Maria.
The yellow onesie in his room is from Adam en de kleine wolf.