Studio Ditte colour advice for safari wallpaper

We often get the question which colours combine nicely with wallpaper and bedding from Studio Ditte. For us a good reason to write a blog with colour advice! What is a nice colour for the wall and/or furniture next to the wallpaper? In this blog, Studio Ditte helps you with a colour palette for the safari wallpaper. In addition to colour advice for the nursery, we also give tips for products that combine nicely with our prints. Inspiration for a beautiful nursery.

Sustainable wallpaper, produced in the Netherlands

The wallpaper is a high quality non-woven wallpaper, produced in the Netherlands. The kids wallpaper is produced in a sustainable way and is biodegradable. The wallpaper contains FSC-certified pulp and a polyester fiber. These fibers together make the wallpaper strong and of good quality. It complies with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 norm. The wallpaper is washable with water like vinyl wallpaper, but free from formaldehyde and other volatile substances that can be harmful for a child. The toner with which is printed is produced CO2-free. The toner is even food approved and may have immediate food contact. Interesting to know is that a large part of our producer's location is heated with the residual heat of the wallpaper production. And the waste paper is returned to the paper factory, it's a closed loop.

Foto credits: @bloemmie_interior

Request wallpaper sample

Do you want to order safari wallpaper, but would you like to see it first? Ask for a wallpaper sample here. We will send you a sample free of charge so that you can view and feel the wallpaper.

Mix & match

You can combine various duvet covers and fitted sheets from Studio Ditte with the safari wallpaper. This way you can make various beautiful combinations that give the nursery a new look every time.

Sustainable nursery

When we went looking for sustainable wall paint, we came across paint from the Dutch brand Vestingh. Vestingh has an ecological and sustainable paint line, developed and produced in the Netherlands. A Dutch brand with sustainable paint, that makes us happy! That is why we give colour advice in this blog based on the colours of Vestingh. Remember that colours on your screen may differ from the paint colour. Fortunately, you can request free colour samples from Vestingh. This way you can temporarily stick the color sample on the wall and view the color at different times of the day. The incidence of light and the atmosphere of a room influence the colour.

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