Wallpaper with excavators, tow trucks and fire engines

Jonah, 7 years old, has work vehicles wallpaper from Studio Ditte in his room. Jonah loves vehicles and animals. In his room you will find a nice mix of cars and jungle in a fixed color palette. Jonah also has a duvet cover with work vehicles on his self-designed bed.

WIE Willemine, Gijsbert, Jonah '12, Ezra '15 & Salomé ‘18
WAAR Barneveld
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Mix of work vehicles and animals


Jonah and Ezra are both crazy about cars and everything that can drive or fly. The Studio Ditte work vehicle wallpaper was therefore a wonderful gift for his birthday. But then he told us later that he also loves animals. So animals also had to come into his room. Therefore, also the play mat with jungle print. In terms of colors, it matches nicely. I think it is important that the children feel at home in their room and that they have their own input. That is why it was no longer a car room for Jonah and for Ezra an animal room. We now match the animals and the vehicles and the boys are completely happy with it!

Take a look at Ezra's room here.

Bed house with drawers


Jonah has designed his bed himself. He wanted a bed with a little house and drawers underneath. My husband made a sketch in Sketch-up and everything was sawn at a timber yard. Then it was a matter of putting everything together. In the end quite a big project! Jonah got it on his birthday last year and is now very proud of his self-made bed.

Ritual before going to sleep


We always read the boys from a reading book and from the Bible, we sing together and pray for the children.

Nursery styling tips


It helps me the most that the rooms don't have to be finished right away. The white base (white floor and at first also walls) is fine and that's how it gets colored. I search at flea markets and occasionally I buy something new for the rooms. The play mats from ByAlex for example. Those are the things that last for years. Holding a fixed color pallet helps to keep everything together. and then it appears that animals and vehicles can be perfectly combined!

Where to buy


Studio Ditte Work vehicles wallpaper
Studio Ditte Work vehicles duvet cover

Speelmat @byalex_playmats