3 tips to make the bedtime ritual fun and easy

Going to bed does not always go smoothly for everyone. What do we say, 9 out of 10 times it runs differently than planned and your child gets it done again to 'steal' half an hour. Studio Ditte shares three tips to make the bedtime ritual fun and easy.

Tip 1: Rest and routines


Cliché, but so true. Provide a regular routine so your child knows what will happen. This ensures peace and that makes it easier for you as a parent. Be real and plan enough time for yourself and your child to get ready to go to bed. Going to bed in a relaxed mood sleeps so much better.

Tip 2: Create a cozy atmosphere


Look, here Studio Ditte feels completely at home. If it is up to Studio Ditte, this is certainly an important factor in the 'going to bed ritual' for your child. Make sure that your child's bedroom looks cozy and if possible, is cleaned up. When your child feels safe, he / she will go to bed with a good feeling. Of course, a children's duvet cover from the Studio Ditte collection cann’t be missed. View our children's bedding here. We also find it nicer to step into a nicely laid-out and cozy bed ourselves, right?

Did you know that there are many details in the prints of the children's bedding from Studio Ditte? Take your time with your child to discover it and let your child make up a story before bedtime. A special moment together and it stimulates the fantasy of your child. A big hug and then… sleep.

Tip 3: Enjoy and relax


Studio Ditte's last tip: How busy you are, try to relax and enjoy the moment. When you are relaxed this also has a positive effect on your child. Give your child all your attention. There is a big chance that everything will run smoother. And when your child is sleeping comfortably, warm and safe, you are also completely happy as a parent.

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