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Industrial look for your interior

Are you looking for an industrial look for your interior? Do you get a happy feeling from old factory buildings? Do you see the beauty of old rusted tools? Then the container wallpaper from Studio Ditte is perfect for you! The container wallpaper has a beautiful weathered look. Decorated by rust and decay, your interior gets a lived-in atmosphere.

Combine the Studio Ditte container wallpaper with tough hard materials such as ceramics, metal, glass or concrete and natural materials such as wood or leather. Look for old industrial furniture and mix it with nice clean design items. And keep the colors subdued. Black, greyed and natural shades do well next to the Studio Ditte container wallpaper.

Do you want to enhance the industrial look of the container wallpaper? Use old, rusty tools when you style your home. Or look for a vintage metal toolbox.

Do you like this industrial look? We collected some nice products in this style for you.

Photo credits: @studiostylecookie

Container wallpaper Studio Ditte
The container wallpaper has a beautiful weathered look. Beautiful stacks of metal containers give your wall an extra dimension. Decorated by rust and decay, your interior gets a lived-in look. This dark version has deep heavy colors, mysterious as the night.

Carafe Canard Studio Lenneke Wispelwey
You can immediately recognize the porcelain of Lenneke Wispelwey. Refined porcelain with geometric shapes and patterns. We are fan’s!

Amp lamp Normann Copenhagen
This beautiful lamp by Normann Copenhagen is inspired by retro tube amplifiers. The grey glass diffuser is suspended from a black marble fitting.

Cast-iron candleholder Store without a home
Beautiful robust candleholder made in traditional way from cast iron.

Folded vase MENU
Vase made of folded ceramics. A beautiful matte vase with clean lines.

True colour vase Lex Pott
Old and new come together in this vase. By allowing the metal to oxidize, it gets these beautiful colors. A beautiful combination of the raw metal with the smooth, polished version.

Kruk &tradition
Stool with nice clean lines made of black stained oak and powder coated steel.