Nursery with animal wallpaper

Are you looking for animal wallpaper for the nursery? Studio Ditte loves wallpaper with animals! Does your child also love animals? Studio Ditte has different types of children's wallpaper with safari animals in its collection. Studio Ditte has beautiful bird, toucan or panthera wallpaper for a jungle room. For kids who love dinosaurs, we have two different dinosaur wallpapers. Of course we also have wallpaper with sea animals, with the largest predator in the Netherlands, the seal! Studio Ditte has wallpaper with forest animals for lovers of forest animals.

Safari wallpaper nursery

Studio Ditte has different types of children's wallpaper with safari animals in its collection. Safari wallpaper in neutral tones for children who love giraffes, lions, elephants, zebras and leopards. Or wallpaper with a herd of elephants with a baby elephant in a beautiful color palette. Studio Ditte also has safari wallpaper with friendly safari animals in cheerful colors and prints. You can choose from wild animal wallpaper sweet, wild animal wallpaper cool and wild animal wallpaper pink.

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Dinosaur wallpaper nursery

Is your child a real dinosaur lover? Studio Ditte has unique dinosaur wallpaper for children who love the Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops or Brachiosaurus. Stylish dinosaur wallpaper: a calm print and at the same time playful and colorful. The dinosaur wallpaper is available in two color variants: dinosaur wallpaper dark and dinosaur wallpaper light grey.

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Jungle wallpaper nursery

Do you want to create a stylish jungle nursery? Studio Ditte has wallpaper with unique prints for a children's room in jungle style. On the birds wallpaper from Studio Ditte you will find elegant tropical birds hidden between leaves and elegant flowers. Studio Ditte also has wallpaper with toucans. Perfect jungle kids wallpaper for a kids room in jungle style.

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Wallpaper with jungle animals

Does your child like jungle animals such as jaguars, black panthers and tigers? On the Studio Ditte panthera wallpaper you will find the characteristic heads of these hunters. These big cats hide deep in the jungle. The panthera wallpaper has warm natural colors and gives the nursery a cool jungle style.

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Sea animals wallpaper nursery

Is your child fascinated by the underwater world? The seal wallpaper from Studio Ditte is perfect wallpaper for a children's room with an ocean theme. Studio Ditte and Seals Center Pieterburen have joined forces to show how special a seal is. This collaboration is an ode to the seal and a great opportunity to give it a beautiful place in your home.

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Forest animals wallpaper nursery

The forest animals of the Studio Ditte forest animals wallpaper live deep in the forest. Studio Ditte has two different children's wallpapers with forest animals. A forest animal wallpaper with wolves, foxes and bears on an ice blue background. And a forest animal wallpaper in pastel shades with bunnies, deer and foxes. The heads of the forest animals with their soft colors give the children's room a nice accent.

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