About us

We are Studio Ditte
Own collection | unique prints | sustainable | Dutch brand

Studio Ditte is a Dutch brand with wallpaper, bedding and a bag collection. With love and an eye for detail, we design products with playful patterns that make you happy. We design all products ourselves, with attention to people and the environment. In the prints of Studio Ditte you discover new details every time. 

Since 2005

Studio Ditte was founded in 2005 by Marieke Dirks, Natasja Heesbeen and Endry van Zwam. We met each other at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. At the academy, we discovered our equal passion for designing beautiful products.

Care and attention

Studio Ditte is a small design studio and has grown into a brand that we are proud of. We now sell our products to more than 200 (web)stores worldwide. We work together with a fulfillment company that packs your order with care.

Studio Ditte's wallpaper and bedding collection are produced in Europe, so that we can maintain close contact with our manufacturers. The wallpaper collection has been printed since 2007 with a manufacturer in the Netherlands. The bedding is manufactured in Spain.

The bag collection has been developed in collaboration with Rilla go Rilla and is produced in China.