Nursery interior design advice
by Nadira Albersen

Make your house a home! Do you want to create a beautiful interior and you can't quite figure it out yourself? Or do you want something unique such as custom furniture? I can help you with interior design advice. This can be a complete advice package, but also through some minor adjustments. Together we look at what is needed. In addition to making interior plans and providing interior design advice, I am a certified SketchUp trainer. With SketchUp you can create photorealistic impressions from a 3D model. The animations give a good idea of what an interior design can look like.

Nadira Albersen, 33 years old, married with Stephan and mother of Lenthe (3) and Tijn (2)

I get a lot of inspiration from retail, many fashion chains have beautiful interiors, but also hotels, and of course Instagram and Pinterest.



Studio Ditte airplanes duvet cover light blue
Studio Ditte fitted sheet stripes rust brown

Tips for a nursery

Nursery layout | As long as space allows, I always enjoy working with different corners, such as a play corner and reading corner.

What should not be missing in a children's room | A bed (joking of course). I think a nice rug is essential and extra storage space. You can solve this very playfully by using beautiful storage baskets or boxes.

Tips about colors in the children's room | My preference is always for a neutral base, which makes it easier to make changes to accessories and bedding, for example. With a beige wall color, for example, you can choose a gray or pink undertone. As far as I'm concerned, you're always safe, even if you want to combine it with a nice wallpaper.

Nursery styling tips | I always love the accessories from Ferm Living kids and OYOY. Tip! Take a look at Vinted or Marktplaats where you will always find the nicest wall lamps from Ferm Living.

Nursery with airplanes bedding 

Principles for decorating the children's room | Here I chose a grayed beige wall paint, which combines very nicely with the walnut items and with the wooden bed and chest of drawers. I also painted a piece of the ceiling together with the wall, so you visually create a niche.

Wall color codes | RAL 7016 and FN.01.79

Nursery layout | I have created a reading corner and play corner. The furniture there is a beautiful chest of drawers and an Ikea pax cupboard. (This is because it was still left) ;) I also always like to hang something from the ceiling, these can be nice flags, but in this case I hung a kite in the shape of a boat. Because it is a kite, it can take a beating.

Style children's room | I don't really have a style for the children's rooms. I always let myself be influenced by what the children like, but with a neutral basis of course ;)

Moodboard boysroom

Studio Ditte race car wallpaper cream
Studio Ditte blocks on stone blue duvet cover
Studio Ditte fitted sheet stripes rust brown

Moodboard girlsroom

Studio Ditte chamomile wallpaper brown
Studio Ditte red cherries on nude duvet cover
Studio Ditte fitted sheet stripes stone blue