Children's room with calm natural colors

A cool and at the same time sweet children's room for Leau who loves tigers and lions. The Studio Ditte big cats wallpaper has beautiful calm beige/nude tones and fits perfectly with the style of the bedroom. The big cats wallpaper is combined with a Studio Ditte red cherries on nude duvet cover and gingham fitted sheet in nude.

WHO Chântalle | 34
I live with my husband in Nijmegen. And of course I am also the mother of two sweet girls Lott (4 years old) and Leau (almost 3 years old). I also work as a nurse in a TBS clinic. I have a busy social life, I love sports and therefore never sit still.
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Children's room: sweet with a cool edge

Our daughters love animals and Leau especially loves tigers and lions. The big cats wallpaper from Studio Ditte immediately caught my attention. The beautiful, calm beige/nude tones fit perfectly with the style of the bedroom. Leau's nursery was always very sweet with calm natural colors. Now Leau's nursery is just as sweet, but with a cool edge! And besides, she is very proud of it and we think that is the most important thing.

Children's room with animal theme

I am someone who has difficulty sitting still. My head is overflowing with ideas and that is no different when it comes to interior styling. I come up with the ideas here at home and my husband can then implement them haha! Leau is still too young to have a very strong opinion about the design of her room. But we knew that the theme of animals had to come back. What we also know is that she is more proud than proud of her new room.

Ritual before going to sleep

Yes, we definitely have a bedtime ritual. Lott and Leau love reading and not an evening goes by without a book being read to them. Both rooms have well-stocked bookcases containing the best stories. That is not surprising, because Lott and Leau's grandmother works in a bookstore, and they regularly receive a nice new book from this.

Styling tips for a nursery

Create a space that your child feels comfortable in. Listen to your child's wishes and don't be afraid to combine or go for a bold print. For example, sweet and cool also go well together.