Calm, warm and colorful nursery

Otis' nursery is based on the elephant wallpaper from Studio Ditte. The wallpaper is easy to combine because of the calm and warm colors. I like a quiet base, but supplemented with some color, especially in the accessories.

WHO Stephanie (37) & Daan (38) 
KIDS Duuk 7 years old | Otis 3 years old
WHERE Enschede
INSTAGRAM stephanieot

Moved to a new-build home

We recently moved into our new-build home. We purchased this at the beginning of 2020, knowing that it would be delivered approximately in the summer of 2021. Shortly afterwards, the first larger choices for, for example, the bathroom and kitchen started.

In the beginning I had little feeling for the new house and especially how the spaces would be. Due to corona, we could only watch it from a distance.

Partly because of this, I didn't immediately have an idea of what I had in mind for the boys' rooms, but it was nice to be able to work with ideas and mood boards in the knowledge that I could implement it all later.

The base is the elephant wallpaper

I've always loved getting inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest & magazines and applying it to our own home. The interest in interior styling has actually grown more and more. There are so many beautiful things and it's nice to make it your own, like a real home. Usually I don't really sort it out in advance, but I buy by intuition.

Due to the long run-up to a new-build house, you are working on it longer in advance and you are still looking for more things. Although I think that some additions will also take place in his room, it also has to grow a bit. Fortunately, the basis is there with the beautiful elephant wallpaper.

Easy to combine because of the calm and warm colors

When I first saw the cool elephant wallpaper at the end of last year, I was immediately impressed, it looked like 3D. In addition, despite the print, it is easy to combine because of the calm and warm colors. Since they both love animals and I now have something to contribute to their rooms, I saved it on instagram and Pinterest to see how to combine. Fortunately, Otis was also immediately enthusiastic, of course it is important that he also likes it himself. If not, he would have certainly let me know. He now proudly shows everyone his new room with the elephant wallpaper.

Ritual before going to sleep

Usually after the shower we watch a movieclip together on the large bed, or read a book. Duuk is already reading a lot at school, so he can practice. Lately Otis has been crazy about the book “de Winkelstraat”. Although he can't read it himself yet, he knows it by heart from A to Z ], which makes it seem like he is reading it himself, having great fun together with his brother.

Nursery styling tips

We have chosen to wallpaper 1 wall and paint the rest in a matching color. I like a quiet base but supplemented with some color, especially in the accessories. This also makes it possible to quickly make some changes and create a different atmosphere. Think of another cover, rug or nice toys.