Big boys room with cool crane truck wallpaper

The crane truck wallpaper, raccoon duvet cover and striped fitted sheet from Studio Ditte immediately give Bowi's toddler room a lot of fun and atmosphere! The bedroom feels very private and cozy, partly due to a large rug that Bowi can play on and the use of things with a story or past.

WHO Sigrid (34) & Willem (36) 
KIDS Dex (7) | Otis (5) | Bowi (2)
WHERE Together with our beagle we live in a renovated 50s house in Doetinchem
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Crane trucks with subtle 3D effect

When I see the new crane truck wallpaper from Studio Ditte via Instagram, my interior heart beats faster, what a picture it is again! The cool nursery wallpaper brand knows how to surprise and inspire me every time. The crane trucks seem to pop off the wall with a kind of 3D effect. Due to the soft use of color and the light gray background, the wallpaper fits perfectly with the rest of our interior. Because we have worked with Studio Ditte products before and we always like them, we decide that this print should be placed in the room of our youngest son Bowi Lou.

From baby room to big boy's room

This space was completely overhauled 1.5 years ago when we moved here and the basics are still right, but it's time for something cooler. The baby's room will be a large boy's room including a large bed and that goes with a cool wallpaper. Sometimes I would like to stop time and keep the youngest of our 3 boys in his crib forever, but he probably doesn't agree with that ;-) That's why it's time for the next phase and say yourself, nothing is more fun than styling a nursery!

The crane trucks give the nursery a lot of fun and atmosphere!

We start by removing the old wallpaper, even the kids participate, making it a fun Sunday afternoon activity. Then we empty the room and my husband starts with the first strip of the non-woven wallpaper from Studio Ditte. With the wall halfway finished, it's time for Bowi's afternoon nap. So we decide to put the bed back for a while, draw the curtains and mister just falls asleep among all the tools and stuff. Later in the afternoon we wallpaper the rest of the wall, all in all a job that with a little bit of experience can be done in no time. The crane trucks immediately give Bowi's bedroom a lot of fun and atmosphere! He also reacts very cutely by pointing from car to car and imitating car sounds. Together with him and his brothers, we put the furniture back in the room, replacing the cot for a single bed. Finally we can also get started with the new bedding from Studio Ditte. We first chose Flow fitted sheet, this deep blue shade is also reflected in our interior and contrasts nicely with the warmer tones from the wallpaper. I let Dex and Otis pick out the second set, they were an immediate fan of the raccoon duvet cover with the matching brown stripes fitted sheet. This bedding also matches nicely in the room, making it more and more one whole.

Fan of stuff with a story or past

We have vinyl on the entire top floor, which has a beautiful cool and serene look, but can also look a bit 'cool'. That is why we decide that there should be a large rug in the room, so that Bowi can also play in his own bedroom. We bought this rug at Karwei and the subtle use of color also matches the color palette of the room. This is also what I like most about interior styling; ensuring that a space is just right and not only becomes a stylishly responsible showroom, but also feels really unique and cosy. I am a big fan of stuff with a story or past. For example, we erected the tipi tent that my deceased mother had made in Bowi's room. By hanging and placing the other accessories, we complete the picture of a cool toddler's room.

Little boys grow up!

In the evening, after an extensive splashing session in the shower, it is time to choose a book and read a story with his brothers. Bowi stretches some time by counting all the crane trucks ;-) but then it is really bedtime. Little boys grow up!