Colourful, cool and playful boy's room

Kees' room with crane truck wallpaper, raccoon duvet cover and striped fitted sheet from Studio Ditte is colourful, cool and playful. It's a place where he likes to play. And there is a lot of storage space in the bed with stairs.

WHO Anique Gardenbroek 31 years old 
KIDS Kees almost 5 years old | Toon 3 years old | Teus 7 month old
WHERE Boekelo (Enschede)
INSTAGRAM liefsanique

Children's room with lots of storage space

Kees's room has recently been given a makeover. I would describe his room as colourful, cool and playful! It is a place where he likes to play and where there is room for it! His bed-with-stairs is his great pride! And the advantage for me is that there is a lot of storage space in it. There is one wall with crane truck wallpaper from Studio Ditte. On his bed is a duvet cover with raccoons combined with a rust-brown striped fitted sheet from Studio Ditte.

I love color in the interior

Why do I like interior styling so much? Nice cliché, but I can express my creativity in it. I want our house to be a place that suits us and where everyone lives happily. I love color and you can go wild with this in the styling!

Kees loves vehicles

Kees loves vehicles and the crane truck wallpaper from Studio Ditte was an instant hit! He also chose the posters. Furthermore, the men in the house like to leave the styling to their mother / wife ;)

Ritual before going to sleep

Almost every night the boys take a bath or shower. Then the eldest 2 go upstairs together where they read a book with 1 of us on Kees's big bed. If we finish early, they like to play together in one of the bedrooms. This is our sleeping ritual…. The boys' sleeping ritual is often expanded by themselves by sneaking out of their room a few times ;).

Nursery styling tips

I think a beautiful wallpaper always gives a lot of atmosphere to a room! If you supplement this with nice posters, pillows and cuddly toys, you will soon have a cozy atmospheric room. I also often put nice children's books in plain sight, but together in a rack, for example. In addition, I really like having a lot of storage space so that the room can also be a quiet place if necessary. And if you have the space, I always like something big and playful. For example, the climbing frame on the wall at Kees, but also rings on the ceiling or a large beanbag are nice!