Studio Ditte at my home #02

Three times inside viewer of kids' rooms! All three monochrome with a touch of color. The rooms are 'more than different' and a bit odd.

WHO Cindy (40), Floortje (7), Willemijn (5) en Otis (21 months)
WHERE (near) Zwolle
INSTAGRAM @otis_oh

The style of the kids' rooms

Our style is best described as monochrome with a touch of color. Floortjes' room has mint accents (like the Studio Ditte elephant wall sticker) and Willemijns' room has (by now) a lot of pink, including two walls with paint splashes and a wall with birdhouse wallpaper. In Otis’ black and white room, 1 wall stands out with the Studio Ditte rocket wallpaper and wall stickers. The three rooms are all 'more than different' and a bit odd. I like contrasts and like a lot. I combine things that do not match at first sight.

With the style of kids' rooms you can go totally nuts

Why I like interior styling so much is because I can fully enjoy it. I can show my creative side. I like interior styling anyway, our house also has no 'standard' interior. And with styling of kids' rooms you can go totally nuts because there are even fewer boundaries. For a child, nothing is too crazy soon.

In the room of Otis, I can completely make my mark

Otis is still little, so in his room I can completely make my mark. Floortje, on the other hand, is already 7 and has a strong personal opinion. So she did like mint as an accent color while I am not a fan of it. (yes I know, I'm probably the only one). I wanted a mustard yellow for her room. I had to pull some serious strings but the room is now …. mint. :-) Willemijn likes everything I do, but I include her in the decision-making. This way, the only white wall in her room will soon have a different color (I still do not tell which one). We have thought about it together and she will help me with painting later.

Rituals before going to bed

Before we sleep we read a story or run through the day's events together. The children enjoy both (and we do too). Then we do something crazy while lying on the bed. Willemijn, for example, has a ritual of things that we do before we leave, otherwise she will not sleep. Kiss, hug, high five, box ... haha ...

Styling tip for kids' room

Be bold! Do not be ruled by what you see all around or in the magazines. It is super to be inspired, but follow your own style. If you have a cool idea, do not doubt yourself, but just do it. This way you will get your own interior style. Like the pink wall with paint splashes, we received a lot of responses on Instagram. A lot people did not understand why I had dare to do this. While I think: it's just paint. If It does not work, I'll paint it over again.

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