Studio Ditte colour advice

Our first colour advice blog is online! We often get the question which colours combine nicely with wallpaper from Studio Ditte. For us a good reason to write a blog with colour advice! What is a nice colour for the wall next to the wallpaper? In this blog, Studio Ditte gives you colour advice for car wallpaper. In the coming period, more colour advice blogs will follow for other Studio Ditte wallpaper prints.

Durable wallpaper and durable wall paint

Studio Ditte’s wallpaper is produced in a sustainable manner and is biodegradable. Quality and sustainability of products are important to us. When we went looking for wall paint for a photo shoot ourselves, we came across paint from the Dutch brand Fairf. Fairf provides extra matt water-based wall paints based on vegetable binder and natural raw materials. A Dutch brand with sustainable paint, that makes us happy! That is why we give colour advice in this blog based on the colours of Fairf. Remember that colours on your screen may differ from the paint colour. Fortunately, you can request free colour samples from Fairf!

Cars wallpaper

We start with one of our most popular wallpapers, the cars wallpaper. Studio Ditte cars wallpaper brings young and old back to playful amusement. Grandfathers, dads and sons have made these oldtimers race and crash with lots of fun. The cars are damaged and only became even cooler. Perfect wallpaper for a kid's room with a vintage look.

Light green

This slightly greyed light green colour gives a nice, quiet, vintage style to the kid’s room. Together with the yellow and black and white accessories a perfect combination with the Studio Ditte cars wallpaper.

Photo credits: @hetzoetepand


This sturdy grey green colour accentuates the vintage feel of the cars wallpaper. On the image below you can see that metal and wood combine nicely with the Studio Ditte cars wallpaper.

Photo credits: @bruceandus


Do you feel like going wild in the children’s room? Then a warm yellow is highly recommended for the cars wallpaper or bedding. Is a yellow wall too much for you? Then yellow accessories are also a nice option.


This deep blue colour looks very nice with the cars wallpaper. A nice contrast with the white background of the cars wallpaper and the colours of the cars come into their own alongside this cool blue.

Light blue

This light greyed light blue colour also fits very nicely with the cars wallpaper of Studio Ditte. The subdued colour goes well with the dark green and yellow from the car wallpaper.

Light grey

On the image below you can see that soft grey also combines well with the cars print. This way you keep the base neutral, and create the atmosphere with the cars print together with accessories in accent colours.

Photo credits: @hetzoetepand

More information

Want to see the Studio Ditte cars wallpaper in real life? Then ask for a wallpaper sample here.

You can request free colour samples on the Fairf website. The names of the colours of Fairf can be found in the coloured area below the images.

Have fun with the styling of the kid’s room!

Kinds regards,

Marieke, Natasja en Endry