Studio Ditte DIY: A stick horse for Saint Nicholas

The Studio Ditte stick horse is very easy to make and it is super fun toy during the Saint Nicholas party!

What do you need?

- Template (see download)
- Scissores
- Cardboard plate of 42 x 34 cm
- Een stick
- Masking tape
- Stickers
- Broad adhesive tape

Print template

Start with printing the template for the horse's head. It is four A4 sheets that you can glue together. The head has a maximum width and height of 42 x 34 cm.

Download template (pdf)

To work

1. Glue the four printed A4 sheets of the template together.
2. 2. Take a sheet of cardboard with minimum dimensions of 42 x 34 cm from, for example, an old box.
3. 3. Place the template on the cardboard sheet and stick it with adhesive tape. Then cut the horse's head along the dotted lines.
4. If you want, you can decorate the horse head with nice stickers, such as large coloured dots or masking tape. It is also fun to have your child decorate with a pen.
5. Then decorate the stick with masking tape, as you can see on the image below.
6. Now all you have to do is stick the horse head to the stick. Do this with wide tape.
7. 7. Ready and ride!

Have fun crafting!

More information

Do you want to see and feel the Studio Ditte horse wallpaper in real life? Request a free wallpaper sample here.

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