Kidsroom with race car wallpaper

Peppe loves cars. When he was asked what he wanted the most for his new room, he said "a car room!" Peppe has race car wallpaper from Studio Ditte on the wall and on his bed a matching duvet cover with race cars.

WHO Mariët, 34, living in Leusden with boyfriend Tim (31) and kids Peppe (3,5) and Nox (11 months)
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Fresh and colorful


I can describe the style of Peppe's room as fresh and colorful with here and there a funny detail.

I love to style


I love styling, because I can really put my creativity into it, move and change and make it cozy in the house. That is what I love to do!

A boysroom with race cars


In the previous house, Peppe had a room with many jungle and animal elements. When I asked him what kind of room he wanted in the new house, he immediately said "a car room!" That was clear! He loves to play with cars so I perfectly understand him. This suits him completely. Fortunately I knew about the cool wallpaper from Studio Ditte. The wallpaper really pops out because of the white floor, I combined it with ocher yellow and gray. By letting the cars come back in the duvet cover, it is a coherent whole.

Ritual before going to sleep


Before going to sleep, a book is chosen from his cars chest, we read the book together in bed, then sing some more songs and put on the night light. He can choose the color of the light he wants to go to sleep with. And then we tuck him in under his race car duvet cover :):)

Nursery styling tips


My tip for styling a children's room is that everything is allowed and nothing is too crazy. A cozy wallpaper, multiple prints and colors and a lot on the wall. The more the better!