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Are you looking for original children's wallpaper with cars for the nursery? Or beautiful wallpaper with birds for your own bedroom? Studio Ditte has a unique collection of wallpaper. The wallpaper is a high quality non-woven wallpaper and is sustainably produced. Do you want to see the wallpaper in real life? Ask for a free wallpaper sample here.

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Unique children's wallpaper

Studio Ditte designs unique children's wallpaper with playful patterns. Both for a boy's room and for a girl's room. In our range we have children's wallpaper with animals, such as elephants and panthers or wallpaper with vintage cars and airplanes. There are several fun ways to use wallpaper in the nursery or play area. You can wallpaper an entire wall or you can choose to place a few strips behind a desk or chest of drawers. Need nursery inspiration? Check our blog for styling ideas, color recommendations and inside viewers.

Sustainable wallpaper

The wallpaper from Studio Ditte is a high quality non-woven wallpaper and is FSC certified. The wallpaper is biodegradable and is produced in a sustainable way in the Netherlands. The wallpaper is free of harmful substances. You can therefore use the children's wallpaper in the nursery or playroom. The non-woven wallpaper is very strong and colourfast.

It is interesting to know that a large part of our producer's premises is heated with the residual heat from the wallpaper production. And the paper waste goes back to the factory where they buy their paper, it's a closed circle.

Digitally printed wallpaper

The wallpaper from Studio Ditte is a high quality non-woven wallpaper and is digitally printed in the Netherlands. The prints are sharp and full colour. Some rolls of wallpaper from the Studio Ditte collection have a batch number. You can see from the batch number on the roll which printing series the wallpaper comes from. If you need several rolls for a wall, it is advisable to wallpaper them with wallpaper from the same printing series. This is to prevent small color differences between the rolls.

The Studio Ditte wallpaper is easy to apply to the wall. You lubricate the wall with glue and then apply the wallpaper to the wall. So you don't need a wallpaper table! The wallpaper is also easy to remove. Preferably use ready-made wallpaper glue for non-woven wallpaper.

Custom wallpaper

At Studio Ditte it is also possible to have custom wallpaper made. For example, do you have higher walls or a wall in the attic with a pointed roof? Then we make the strips of wallpaper to the right length. Most strips of wallpaper in our collection have a height of 2.8 meters. For example, if you have a high wall of 3.5 meters, Studio Ditte will make the wallpaper suitable for this height. Do you have a different wall height? Please contact us.