1. Girls' room with spunk

    Girls' room with spunk

    Studio Ditte at my home #05 Hi! I am Roos, 28 years old and mom of a small, cheerful knowitall that is called Jackie. We have a cool taste with a touch of color. We are in love with monochrome, but we also love cool prints and pastel colors. The combination of these two together is therefore, in our opinion, perfect! WHO Roos (28), mother of Jackie (2) and married with Theo (31)WHERE Alblasserdam INSTAGRAM @roosandjackie Girls’ room with spunk, both in prints and in color I would de
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  2. Sleeping with Studio Ditte

    Sleeping with Studio Ditte

    3 tips to make the bedtime ritual fun and easy Going to bed does not always go smoothly for everyone. What do we say, 9 out of 10 times it runs differently than planned and your child gets it done again to 'steal' half an hour. Studio Ditte shares three tips to make the bedtime ritual fun and easy. Tip 1: Rest and routines Cliché, but so true. Provide a regular routine so your child knows what will happen. This ensures peace and that makes it easier for you as a parent. Be real and plan enough time for yourself and your child to get ready to go to bed. Going to bed in a relaxed mood sleeps so much better.
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  3. Industrial look for your interior

    Industrial look for your interior

    Shop the style #01 Industrial look for your interior Are you looking for an industrial look for your interior? Do you get a happy feeling from old factory buildings? Do you see the beauty of old rusted tools? Then the container wallpaper from Studio Ditte is perfect for you! The container wallpaper has a beautiful weathered look. Decorated by rust and decay, your interior gets a lived-in atmosphere. Combine the Studio Ditte container wallpaper with tough hard materials such as ceramics, metal, glass or concrete and natural materials such as wood or leather. Look for old industrial furniture and mix it with nice clean design items. And keep the colors subdued. Black, greyed and natural shades do well next to the Studio Ditte container wallpaper. Do you want to enhance the industrial look of the container wallpaper? Use old, rusty tools when you style your home. Or look f
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