1. Toddler room with cars

    Toddler room with cars

    Studio Ditte at my home #01 The first inside viewer is online! Take a look at Bruce's serene cool toddler's room. Not too much fuss. The accessories do the job! WHO Shannon (25), Rob (29) en Bruce (2)WHERE MaassluisINSTAGRAM @bruceandus__ Serene cool boys room I would describe Bruce his room as a serene cool boys room. The room becomes less and less a nursery. On the one hand, that's a bit crazy. But Bruce finds it cool to see vintage cars on his wall. Or to sleep under his cars duvet cover, Bruce proudly calls his bed “my cars bed”. To keep it all in our sty
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  2. Studio Ditte favourites #01

    Studio Ditte favourites #01

    We are designers, but all three of us are also mothers and love nice things. We enjoy styling our houses and the kids’ rooms. We often find surprising accessories on fairs, in shops and via blogs. Through this blog we want to share what products we like. Products that inspire us or can be combined with the Studio Ditte collection. Robot wallpaper Studio Ditte This army of friendly robots is made from old prints and decorated with small finds. The robot wallpaper is a blend of the nostalgic and the digital age.Riceananas plush toy fro
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